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Uvex was founded in 1885 when Albert Butz, born in Switzerland, invented the butterfly valve, a thermostat for coal-fired ovens, to automatically regulate heating systems. The following year he founded the Butz Thermo-Electric Regulator Company. The company underwent a huge evolution in the following years, also changing the sectors and the reference products.

Uvex Honeywell then specialized in the field of footwear and safety equipment. It now produces safety footwear with protection class S1, S1P, S2, S3 and S5 (EN ISO 20345) which offer perfect protection in industrial sectors such as the automotive, chemical industry, construction sites, services and logistics – but also in outdoor work areas such as horticulture and agriculture.

The Uvex Honeywell range also includes occupational shoes (protection class O1, EN ISO 20345) and made-to-measure orthopedic safety shoes.

What distinguishes the Uvex safety shoe brand from other brands?

Uvex Honeywell offers superior protection in their line of safety shoes. Safety shoes offer incomparable quality, durability, style and comfort. As the market leader in safety footwear, Uvex Honeywell equips workers around the world with comfortable work boots and work shoes for men and women, such as steel toe boots, designed to offer maximum protection against work risks, in different sectors.

Among the strengths and main products of Uvex Honeywell: non-slip boots and shoes, protection against perforations of the sole in boots and shoes, waterproof boots and shoes.

Workers in agriculture, construction, manufacturing, transportation, oil and gas and a host of other industries, need comfortable and safe tailored work boots for the needs of their workers. To meet these needs, Honeywell offers the best brands of safety footwear: Oliver, Muck, Servus, Ranger, NEOS and KING’S. Each of the brands offered by Honeywell is selected to provide critical protection for the most common hazards and the industries that need it most.

And in terms of style?

By imitating the natural movement of the foot, Honeywell protective footwear allows smooth and effortless movements on any terrain. Providing excellent grip, comfort, durability and reliability, it ensures internal and external stability and protection from heel to toe.

Uvex Honeywell offers a complete line of safety footwear to adapt to the most difficult workplaces, without forgetting the need for comfort and style for the worker.

Whether you need work boots or accessories, Honeywell products are designed for safety and comfort.

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