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Antistatic or ESD safety shoes
6 years ago

Honeywell 6246134- Bacou Plug, ESD, S1P, SRC,

£23.38 £57.22
You need antistatic safety shoes or ESD safety shoes but you're not sure which one? You need some fast explanation on what an antistatic shoe and an ESD shoe are? Now I'll technically explain you ...
Conductive safety shoes
The electrical resistance of safety shoes is really important, this topic should be used to make a responsible purchase of safety footwear. Every type of work has its characteristics and any worker ...
Waterproof safety shoes WR
Not only workers but a huge number of people need waterproof shoes. Sports, hiking, forestry, work… There is a great need of waterproof safety shoes. Waterproof safety shoes can be identified also ...
Comfortable safety shoes
This is one of the main problems I would say not only for safety workers, but for all people standing feet for long times, or walking a lot. Working people really need comfortable safety shoes. One ...
Safety shoes with ankle protection AN
Many people think that injuries on feet are related just to the toe area. This is not exactly correct, because there are several other injuries that can happen to the feet, different than just a ...
Safety shoes for hot environments
You work for longer than 30 minutes in hot environments? You go up and down from a hot surface in your job and the outsoles of your shoes outsoles melt fast? You feel the heat inside your footwear ...
Safety shoes for cold weather
6 years ago

12 Pairs Mens Thermal

When you're working in cold, and often in humid environments, you have to be careful to protect your feet. The legislation on safety footwear helps to prevent damage caused by cold, but at the same ...
S1, S1P, S2, S3 Safety footwear – EN 20345
One of the most frequently asked questions regarding safety footwear: what is the difference between S1, S1P, S2, S3 Safety footwear? What kind of characteristics should this footwear include? ...
O1, O1P, O2, O3 occupational footwear – en 20347
One of the most frequently asked questions regarding occupational footwear: what is the difference between O1, O1P, O2, O3 occupational footwear? What kind of characteristics should this ...
List of the most important norms standards for safety footwear
Your safety footwear is safe, comfortable and performing thanks to the work of thousands of people who, since the beginning of the history of safety footwear, have continued developing ideas for ...
Fire intervention safety boots – EN 15090
You are a firefighter and you need to change your fire intervention safety boots? You are a safety manager and you need some fire intervention safety boots for your fire brigade? You are a forest ...
What is a safety shoe – steel toe boot
Your safety manager told you that you have to wear safety shoes and you have no clue what is a safety shoe? You are a responsible worker and you want to be more protected at work, but you don’t ...
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