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If you are looking for your next pair of safety shoes and you like design, style and quality, then read this article on the best Italian safety shoes.

In this article I will list the major brands of Italian safety shoes with some recommended products for you.

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Italy and safety shoes

Italy has always been a country recognized in the world for fashion and design, as well as for excellent food, and it must be said that even for safety shoes, Italy has its say, in fact in Europe is one of the largest manufacturers of safety shoes with a large number of brands to choose from.

Italy has also always been predisposed towards international marketing and sales, in fact it is possible to find some Italian safety shoe manufacturers almost all over the world.

The trend of safety shoes in Italy

In Italy, as in most European states, a revolution is underway that sees sports safety shoes take more and more foot especially towards younger generations, who are willing to spend even a few euros more out of their own pocket just to see a shoe with a sporty style at their feet.

The reasoning is not so wrong, if you have to spend at least eight hours a day with safety shoes on your feet it is really worth wearing something that you like, that is comfortable and that makes you feel good. In fact, the trend in the past was to spend a lot of money on shoes to wear for two or three hours a day (sports, casual), neglecting those that are used for eight or ten hours a day (those for work).

Which brand to choose, which marking to choose

On which brand to choose, there would be an infinite speech that however could not lead to creating a rule, because the perception of the brand is very subjective, while what can be chosen in a reasoned form is the type of marking that our safety shoes must have safety features. If you do not know which marking or additional feature to choose, on this site there are many articles that can help you in your specific need, if you still need a particular advice, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you.

The big distinction to be made, however, is water-resistant or not, with or without anti-perforation plate, and therefore your choice will be S1, S1P, S2, S3

The major brands of Italian safety shoes

Let’s start with a list of the best known brands and some suggested products

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