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Portwest Ltd is considered one of the largest manufacturers and global distributors of workwear and safety clothing. Portwest specializes in the design and manufacture of workwear, protective clothing, safety footwear, gloves and PPE accessories. Founded in 1904, Portwest is a rapidly growing workwear company with a global distribution network and customer support staff in over 130 countries. Despite the great expansion, Portwest remains a family-run business and continues to be managed by the Hughes family.

Portwest’s origins began in 1904 when Charles Hughes started out as a small retail store in Westport, County Mayo. Padraig Hughes, grandson of Charles Hughes, joined the company in 1936. After his uncle’s death in 1949, Padraig took over the management of the company until his retirement in 1988. For 52 years he oversaw the development of the business. wholesale business, the construction of Westport Hotel and the development of Westport Clothing Company, now known as Portwest Ltd.

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Today, Portwest has become a global company with seven warehouse locations in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, the United Arab Emirates, Panama, Ireland and Poland, sales offices in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, the United Arab Emirates. , Ireland and Poland and customer service in over 130 countries.

What distinguishes the Portwest brand of safety boots from other brands?

Safety footwear, such as the FW07 Welders Boot S3 boots, are all equipped with a water-resistant upper. This great feature is prevalent in being able to repel external elements so that you can keep your feet clean and fresh all day long. The
200 joule composite toe cap is also excellent protection to keep dangers at bay. In case your feet are impacted, the composite toe will do a great job of protecting the toe. The non-metallic protective tip has a significant impact compression so that you can always work to the maximum in such a rough environment.

And in terms of style?

Boots and shoes are also equipped with a non-slip sole, which offers excellent traction and grip and always guarantee a constant balance, and puncture-resistant non-metallic midsole. Portwest produces some of the best welder boots, and guarantees total protection for your feet from a sharp object such as nails, pieces of metal, etc. The water-resistant upper with the sturdy toe is the perfect combination to keep dangers at bay, allowing you to work in peace of mind.

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