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Solid Gear offers safety shoes made to be at the forefront when it comes to material and design. The company never compromises on quality, constantly guaranteeing performance through innovation.

As early as 2004, Solid Gear has determined the modernization process of its safety footwear and already from the first model, a new standard has been set for the labor industry. Using modern high-tech materials, Solid Gear has shown that high safety does not mean a heavy boot, but can be a light sports shoe reinforced with cutting-edge materials and new technical fibers.

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What distinguishes the Solid Gear Safety Shoe brand from other brands?

Already with the first protective shoe, Solid Gear has demonstrated how careful design, advanced materials and new technologies can revolutionize entire categories of products. Since then, the company has provided market-leading protective footwear for professional workers. The work of each new product begins in the most difficult work environments – in mines, industries and factories. And it is precisely here that Solid Gear had the opportunity to make a difference and contribute to a better working day.

Today the company offers a wide range of protective footwear that complies with both European directives and the requirements of workers who want the best. Field knowledge is complemented by rigorous laboratory tests, ensuring that protection and performance exceed all standards.

And in terms of style?

Solid Gear uses modern high-tech materials, such as:

  • GORE-TEX® is a thin and perforated membrane. Its pores are 20,000 times smaller than water droplets, but they are 700 times larger than water molecules. This means that water vapor can pass through the membrane, but blocks the drops of water. Gore-Tex is 100% waterproof and has a highly effective function that allows the feet to breathe
  • VIBRAM® is an extra-strong and robust rubber sole designed to provide an extremely strong grip on uneven surfaces. It is also heat resistant and can withstand temperatures of up to 300 ° C.
  • CORDURA® is an extremely resistant and resistant fabric with an effective function that allows the feet to breathe.
  • The Boa® Fit system is fast, effortless and accurate. Its technology is so simple that practically anyone can use it. By evenly distributing the pressure on the feet, you can adapt the fit to your preferences. Just press the wheel and turn it until you are satisfied.
  • The FLEX SYSTEM is designed to work with the biomechanical characteristics of our feet. The FLEX SYSTEM supports our natural movements, which provides stability and support. The FLEX SYSTEM distributes pressure to the ergonomic areas and helps the foot flex effectively.
  • Tech Leather is more resistant than Solid Gear leather, designed to resist humidity and abrasion. The best tanneries that specially treat high quality full grain leather go through an ecological impregnation process, which in an ecological way ensures that the leather maintains its natural agility and durability.
  • Solid Gear STARKNIT is an upper constructed as a single solid piece. The polyester yarn is knitted together in a precise and detailed process that provides a light fit like a seamless glove. Because of its ability to vary in thickness at the top, STARKNIT is called intelligent construction. The shirt is adjusted according to the function it has to perform, being thicker in areas where greater protection is needed and lighter where greater breathability and flexibility is required.

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