Würth Modyf safety shoes


How many times have you happened to notice the presence of Würth Modyf safety shoes in stores? The Würth Modyf brand is highly recognized internationally especially for the presence of Würth stores worldwide.

History of the Würth Modyf safety shoes brand

The Modyf brand was registered way back in 1998 and now I will tell you why it is called this way. The name Modyf is divided into three parts and embodies the meaning and idea of ​​the brand:

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  • MOdern
  • DYnamysch
  • Funktionell

Modern, dynamic and functional, that’s what it means. You will have understood that it is a German brand, in fact the parent company is Würth Germany.

Even the CEO was surprised by the type of name that did not have a specific meaning in itself but the word then convinced everyone and was therefore registered.

Over the years the brand has been accompanied by 3 logos, of which the last was made in the city of Monaco, if you look at it well it represents a W and an M, precisely Würth and Modyf, so the choice was to pair the two brands in one.

What are the Würth Modyf products?

Both the Würth Modyf safety shoes and workwear, always characterized by the same brand, are absolutely known throughout the industrial world.

Where are the Würth Modyf safety shoes sold?

You can find the products directly in this article, but also in one of the many Würth Modyf stores in our country .. the interesting thing is that you can easily download the complete catalog of products by registering directly on the parent company website. And then there is a lot of online assistance via email, online chat and telephone.

What are the products?

Let’s make a short list of the products of the famous brand Würth Modyf:


The Würth Modyf safety shoes are of various styles, sporty, high, low, winter, waterproof, sports, and even safety boots and accessories such as socks and insoles, the safety classes are

  • S1
  • S1P
  • S2
  • S3
  • S5


In the catalog there are many products of workwear so much that you can dress from head to toe

  • Jackets,
  • Waistcoat,
  • Trousers,
  • Dungarees,
  • Bermuda,
  • T-shirt,
  • Polo shirt
  • work shirts
  • suits,
  • gowns,
  • aprons,
  • high visibility clothing,

And there is no shortage of winter products

  • Long and short jackets
  • vest
  • Softshell
  • Pile
  • Raincoat
  • Thermal clothing and pants

What are the Würth Modyf safety shoes recommended by SafetyShoesToday?

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