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Safety shoes with composite toecap

If you are looking for occupational metal-free footwear (hence non-magnetic and athermic) then I recommend safety shoes with composite toecap.

In this article I will answer the most frequently asked questions about safety footwear with composite toecap, to help you find the perfect product for you needs!

If you need to ask something specific, write me an email to robert.frog@safetyshoestoday.com.
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Composite toecaps are non-metallic, so they are not detected by metal detectors, and they don’t transmit heat nor cold. The other materials used to produce toecaps are steel, aluminum, carbon fiber and glass fiber.

Most metal-free safety shoes have composite toecaps. The reason of the great success of this type of toecap is that they are cheap, non-metallic and rather light.


Main features:

Composite = composite toecaps are very light, rather cheap and metal-free. The average weight is about 45/55g.

Additional details:

  • Good thermal insulation, so they are ideal for jobs at very low or high temperatures
  • Due to their chemical structure they don’t conduct electricity


What models of safety shoes with composite toecap should you choose?

Here is a selection of models equipped with composite toecaps (also called plastic toecaps, one of the most popular materials because it’s cheap, light and sturdy), chosen on the web by SafetyShoesToday:

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These tips should help you to find the perfect model of safety shoes for your needs.

As soon as you choose your perfect pair of  safety footwear with composite toecap, you will be better protected and you will live a better working experience.

What do you think about safety shoes with composite toecap?

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