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New Italian startup, Dike was born in 2017 and quickly distinguished itself in the field of safety footwear. The operational headquarters and main offices are located in Bagnoli di Sopra (PD). The company is an individual company managed and controlled by MMALBO Srl with headquarters in Padua, Italy.

Dike operates in the workwear sector with a global catalog of shoes and clothing. Its corporate mission is “to create value and improve the well-being of workers by transforming the world of shoes and workwear in a safe, innovative, comfortable, ergonomic, ecological and pleasant way”. The company collaborates with the research center, development and control of Orion spa.

To this end, Dike employs staff members for the continuous research of materials and designs in order to improve their products. The shoes adapt to the foot by combining it with its shape, protecting it from the risks that exist in specific workplaces, and clothing that adapts and follows the lines of the body, made with stretch natural fiber fabrics to adapt and facilitate the movements of the worker.

What distinguishes the Dike safety shoes brand from other brands?

An eye to the future, passion and attention to detail: this is how Dike reinvented the concept of “safety footwear“. For example the Primato product, a shoe that incorporates a combined system of complementary technologies. A synergy between four characteristics, raising the standards of comfort and lightness to levels that seemed unattainable in the world of accident prevention. This may be considered by some utopias, but Dike has transformed this idea into the characteristics of the new Primato model.

And in terms of style?

Dike safety shoes have a special high-density anti-perforation plate, made of innovative material and sewn on the upper to ensure maximum protection, special insole melted inside the sole in order to guarantee the right point of flexion and maximum stability on each area of ​​the foot, exclusive nylon reinforcement positioned on the heel to ensure maximum stability in all conditions, special cushioned insert that restores energy with every step, special anti-abrasion reinforcements positioned on the heel, ultra-resistant aluminum toe cap, lining made with a special open pore material, which eliminates odors during use.

Dike finally challenges the cliches on safety shoes and workwear. The present and the future play together, and new possibilities can be invented. Dike protects workers and also demonstrates that comfort can look good.

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