Breathable, waterproof and light weight safety shoes: the expert answers your question

the best breathable and waterproof safety shoes

In this section we report the questions of our readers in full version, with the advice of our expert. In this case our reader needs to know if there are breathable waterproof and light weight safety shoes on the market.

Don’t forget that using the right safety shoes is essential to protect yourself during work! In one of my most popular articles, I indicated 13 points to check to choose the perfect professional footwear. I invite you to read it by clicking on this link. Share it with your acquaintances who, like you, are looking for the most suitable safety shoe for their work.

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Well, here’s the email we got from Denny. The expert’s answer follows.

Breathable, waterproof and light weight safety shoes


I’ve been looking on the market for a long time, but I can’t find a shoe that is windproof, waterproof and breathable… and also lightweight. Can you help me? Do you have any specific brands and models to suggest?

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The expert's advice

Hi Denny,

To be completely waterproof, work shoes must have a membrane, ideally Goretex, but there are other membranes like Sympatex and others.

Goretex lined safety shoes have also some certified breathability.

To be the lightest you should check the outsole, PU (polyurethane) outsole is the lightest, rubber is the heaviest.

According to me the Wolverine Safety Shoes are the most breathable and at the same time protect your foot from water and wind.

Also, try reading this article, you fill find some additional indications.

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