Safety shoes against chilblains

Safety shoes against chilblains

On the market there is a wide choice of safety shoes, and at first sight they look all the same, although there are actually great differences among the various types. In this article my goal is to give you some advice about the best Safety shoes against chilblains, also known as pernio, chill burns and perniosis.

I will try to give you an idea of what problems can be avoided by using the right kind of safety shoes.

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I am sure this article will be a big help to you so that you will be able to choose the perfect pair of safety shoes against chilblains.



Safety shoes against chilblains

Chilblains is an inflammation of the blood vessels which occurs in case of the prolonged exposure of a predisposed individual to cold and humidity. It causes itch and skin redness, as well as small blisters. Besides the feet, this condition can also affect the hands, the nose and the ears.

Chilblains is an inflammatory condition of the skin which presents as itchy and/or painful wounds of a typically violet color.


Symptoms of chilblains

Safety shoes against chilblains

It has been theorized that abnormal neurovascular response to changes of skin temperature, vasospasms and abnormal vasoconstriction lead to vascular damage caused by cold.

Chilblains is a benign skin condition which doesn’t involve any systemic complications.

Chilblains is generally limited, with episodes lasting from some days to few weeks. For the vast majority of patients keeping the skin warm and dry is enough to treat and prevent this condition.

This disease causes the formation of small spots, papules or red to violet/blue lumps. Chilblains can be slightly oedematous or cause the skin to be slightly scaly. There are rarely erosions, ulcers, blisters or scars. The most acute episodes start 12-24 hours after the exposure to cold, and heal on their own within 2 weeks; however, a few patients can develop several chronic wounds which take 3-4 months to heal.


Safety shoes against chilblains: recommended products

Your safety shoes against chilblains should have the following characteristics:

  • The additional “CI” marking (Cold Insulation), and being lined with warm and insulating material such as Thinsulate;
  • Your safety shoes against chilblains should be made of high quality, breathable material such as leather, textile or knitted/crocheted fabric;
  • Absence of metal parts, especially in the toe area (for instance, composite toecaps or toecaps of glass fiber), because metal conducts heat and hence cold;
  • Ankle boots and boots covering part of the calf are better than low shoes in this case;
  • Use high-quality warm socks, to keep your feet warm and dry, and at the same time to let the vapor through, because humidity is responsible of heat loss;
  • On the market there are safety shoes equipped with lined or cold-insulated insoles, otherwise insoles of that type can be easily found on sale.



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Safety shoes against chilblains> Conclusions

Safety shoes against chilblains

Those tips will help you to find the perfect type of safety shoes against chilblains for your problem of chilblains.

As soon as you learn the ropes and you get the right safety footwear for your needs, you will experience better comfort at work.

I assure you that if you wear the right type of safety shoes against chilblains you will live a better work experience.

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