Safety shoes for chromate allergy: the expert answers to your question

Safety shoes for chromate allergy

In this section we report the questions of our readers in full version, with the advice of our expert. In this case our reader has a problem with his safety shoes related to an chromate allergy. He would like to know what are the best safety shoes for chromate allergy.

Safety shoes for allergy to chromate

> Hi,
> I am having a tough time finding safety shoes because of allergies.
> One allergy is chromate. Can you recommend a brand or website to try?
> I even get reactions with synthetic boots I had just purchased.
> Someone mentioned Doc Martin vegan leather boots. Any opinions?
> Thanks,

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The expert's advice


In the following article I have divided the safety shoes by the type of leather:

I recommend you a microfiber (vegan) safety shoe, one of the styles listed should work for you.

Being microfiber a “textile” material you shouldn’t have problems as the chomate is used in the natural leather tanneries for processing the leather.

Always at your disposal.

Best regards,


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