Safety shoes for short feet

Safety shoes for short feet

On the market there is a wide choice of safety shoes, and at first sight they look all the same, although there are actually great differences among the various types. In this article my goal is to give you some advice about the best safety shoes for short feet.

I will try to give you an idea of what problems can be avoided by using the right kind of safety shoes.

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I am sure this article will be a big help to you so that you will be able to choose the perfect pair of safety footwear for short feet.


Short feet

Safety shoes for short feet

For people with short feet it is hard to find safety shoes of the right size for them and belonging to the safety class they need, and this is not even the only problem.

Short feet will move inside the shoes which are not the right size.

Possible consequences of having short feet and wearing the wrong size of shoes are:

  • sprains
  • skin cracking, due to the friction
  • it is harder to keep the feet warm
  • the feet don’t touch the lining, and hence humidity can’t get out of the footwear.
  • This problem is typical of the countries of southern Europe, whose inhabitants have, in average, shorter feet. It’s always more frequent in women, because they generally have smaller feet than men.
  • Comfort is an important problem when it comes to safety footwear for short feet, especially because generally at work safety footwear is worn all the time. That’s why it is essential to find the right size for your feet.


Professional shoes for short feet: recommended products

Safety shoes for short feet

Comfort and protection are the two key factors of any safety footwear, and both should be taken very seriously before you buy a product. You could need a particular level of protection, or shoes with particular characteristics to be provided with the right comfort, so you should follow these tips before you make a purchase.

Your safety shoes for short feet should have the following characteristics:

  • There are models that have particularly small sizes (34, 35, 36,37)
  • Never settle for a larger size than the one you need, especially when it comes to safety shoes, because if you wear shoes too big for your feet you will be unstable and the risk of sprains will grow significantly
  • women should opt for safety shoes for women (and not for small sizes of safety shoes for men)
  • try the shoes carefully before you buy them: of course they don’t have to be too tight, but they must not be too big either. The foot must adhere to the lining, and must not move inside the footwear.


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Safety shoes for short feet: Conclusions

Those tips will help you to find the perfect type of occupational shoes for short feet.

As soon as you learn the ropes and you get the right safety footwear for your needs, you will experience better comfort at work.

I assure you that if you wear the right type of safety footwear you will live a better work experience.

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