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Goodyear is an iconic brand built on 120 years of dedication to uncompromising standards and performance. Founder Frank Seiberling started building The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company in 1898 when he began an accelerated demand for bicycle tires and carriages that outperformed the competition on rough roads. The company name was a tribute to Charles Goodyear to recognize his discovery of rubber vulcanization after a long and courageous search.

Goodyear athletes, the first booming motor sport racers, were Henry Ford’s choice in 1901 for his car that won a Detroit Driving Club race. Nine years later, Goodyear tires set a speed record of 131, 72 mph and shortly thereafter made their debut in the Indianapolis 500, where Goodyear tires continued to win. Whether on the ground, on asphalt or on the road, Goodyear’s passion for the production of safety tires and shoes surpasses the competition continues today.

What distinguishes the Goodyear Safety Shoe brand from other brands?

An American brand synonymous with winning in Formula 1, NASCAR and NHRA races, Goodyear designs and manufactures tires for aviation, commercial trucking and heavy machinery for earth moving as well as cars and light trucks. Today the Goodyear brand is found on footwear, clothing, accessories, suitcases and sports equipment, promotional items, car accessories, safety products, toys and memorabilia.

And in terms of style?

Goodyear Safety Footwear has a new design style, excellent performance and guaranteed safety for every need at work. Goodyear is an iconic brand built on over 115 years of dedication to uncompromising standards and performance. The company is able to offer you a wide range of safety footwear.

Goodyear safety shoes combine the highest level of comfort with perfect protection. To compete successfully in the safety footwear sector, it is necessary to constantly pursue excellence not only in the different characteristics of the product, but also in every phase of the entire value chain. This is why Goodyear means quality.

At the moment, the Goodyear line includes S1, S1P and S3 protection classes; the main differences between the S1, S1P, S2 or S3 safety footwear consist in the resistance to splashing water and the presence of anti-perforation plates. S1P and S3 footwear are basically S1 and S2 footwear with the addition of an anti-puncture plate.

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