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Jallatte safety shoes - safetyshoestoday

If you need good-looking and very comfortable safety footwear, then I recommend you read this article about Jallatte safety shoes.Jallatte safety shoes - safetyshoestoday

In this article I will show you some models of Jallatte safety footwear, divided by their outstanding features.

Something, briefly, about the history of the brand Jallatte:

Jallatte is one of the leading producers of safety shoes in Europe, along with other brands of the same group U-Group

Jallatte was born in France in 1948 but later it has become part of U-Group s.r.l. unip. Jallatte’s website is www.Jallatte.fr. U-Group is an Italian company that includes different brands, U-Power, Jallatte, Aimont, Lupos. Currently the total sales of the various brands bring U-Group to be, likely, the number one company in Europe, in terms of sales and rankings. The group does not only have Italian brands, but also French (like in Jallatte) and German ones.

What sets Jallatte apart from the other brands of safety footwear?.

In the catalog of Jallatte safety shoes we have found the following technologies:

  • U-Power’s catalogue stands out for the variety of soles, for example the midsole which uses the INFINERGY technology by BASF, famous for its ability to return walking energy, which derives from the world of sports footwear
  • The use of high-tech soles like Vibram
  • Highly breathable lining
  • perforated toecaps of various materials, to improve breathability

And what about style and the different models?

The catalogue of Jallatte includes several models of safety shoes:

  • colorful sport shoes
  • sneakers
  • Goretex shoes
  • industrial
  • manager
  • for the health sector
  • basic

What models from this brand does SafetyShoesToday recommend?

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These are my recommendations if you are trying to figure out what is the best model of Jallatte safety footwear for your needs.

As soon as you choose your pair of Jallatte safety shoes you will be better protected at work and working will become a better experience for you.

What do you think about Jallatte safety footwear?

Have you ever used them before?

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