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Perf Safety Shoes is a company operating in the PPE sector and boasts specific know-how such as that of the Rahman Group. The Perf experience is realized in a capillary way on a perfect knowledge of every raw material that is used (the Rahman company, in fact, produces leathers), up to the modeling skills of specific safety shoes for every working need.

The diversity of culture, the difference and globalization are key characteristics of the Perf company, the true mission of the group which, today, is present throughout the international market with different brands and factories everywhere.

What distinguishes the Perf Safety Shoe brand from other brands?

Perf was born following these essential characteristics. Italian design mixed with technological knowledge is able to express and satisfy any working performance in all countries of the world. The company has been able to succeed in a fusion of technology needs with a global evolution.

Perf is part of the Rahman Group, consisting of a close-knit work team, whose individual cultural experiences come together, creating the soul of cutting-edge products on the market.

The Rahman group is present in various states:

• Safety shoes
• Skin
• Upper

• Casual footwear
• Safety shoes

• Safety shoes

• Safety shoes

• Safety shoes

And in terms of style?

Perf works on the creation of perfect safety shoes, not forgetting any detail. Resistance and flexibility, stability and greater protection offered to workers in all working conditions and environments is the true corporate mission. For Perf there are no unimportant parts, but they can be improved always and in any case.

The aesthetic aspect of the shoe is a fundamental aspect. Perf’s ability to combine the best Italian design with the highest technology and know-how has led to an exceptional result in terms of novelty and quality.

The E-lite sole offers:

  • Maximum stability
  • Powered non-slip
  • PSD insertion

The Positive Shock Device technology offers optimal absorption of stress on the spine, thanks to the use of expanded PU combined with the memory effect and the concave surface of the area.

The PSD insole is another important feature: 10mm polyurethane foam insole, lined with antibacterial fabric. The non-magnetic toe cap in composite material, 40% lighter and more flexible than steel toe caps. At the same time, it guarantees greater protection by covering 100% of the surface.

The polyamide lining, with rapid moisture absorption, antibacterial, highly breathable. It ensures greater comfort during the entire working day. Excellent resistance to abrasion. The non-magnetic toe cap of composite material, 50% lighter than steel. While, the lightweight and super breathable synthetic fiber fabric. It maintains the internal microclimate at ideal levels even in conditions of high temperatures and, at the same time, guarantees exceptional resistance to abrasion.

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