The best S3 safety shoes on Amazon


If you are looking for your next pair of safety shoes and the safety mark you need is S3, I recommend you read this article in which I will give you a list of the best models of S3 safety shoes on Amazon.

Notes on Amazon

Also this year Amazon is confirmed as the largest online shopping mall in the world both for the security it transmits to its buyers and for the vast choice of products it offers.

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On Amazon it’s also easy to find many models of safety shoes, that’s why we made a selection of the S3 models that you might be interested in when looking for S3 safety shoes

The S3 safety shoes

First of all, it is a must to remember which are the most frequent safety shoe markings, S1, S1P, S2 and S3. While the S1 and S1P have the characteristic of not having resistance to splashes of water and liquids, the S2 and S3 safety shoes on the contrary are water-repellent and therefore are suitable for all those types of work in which there is the presence of liquids and therefore there is a risk of getting your feet wet.

The difference between the S2 and S3 safety shoes lies in the puncture resistance of the S3 shoes. In fact, the S3 safety shoes have an anti-perforation plate inside them which prevents the entry of nails and sharp objects from the sole towards the foot, thus avoiding damaging your feet in the event of walking on a nail, for example.

The S3 safety shoes comply with EN ISO 20345 which lists all the characteristics they must have, including the safety toe cap that must resist the impacts of 200J pressure.

What are the materials of S3 shoes

The materials of which the S3 safety shoes can be composed can be the most varied, for example the soles can be of single density or dual density polyurethane, or of TPU, or of rubber combined with EVA or polyurethane, while the upper which is the upper part the shoe can be made of leather, or of synthetic materials such as microfibre or more or less abrasion resistant fabrics, finally the safety toecaps can be made of steel or aluminum or composite and glass fiber which are non-magnetic. The anti-perforation plates can be made of fabric or steel.

The best S3 safety shoes on Amazon

We have made a selection of the most interesting models that may interest you:

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