The best S1P safety shoes on Amazon

The best S1 safety shoes on Amazon

Amazon is confirmed as the largest online store present today on the world market, capable of selling thousands and thousands of products from both local and national and international sellers.

Among these products there are safety shoes, today in this article I will explain and then recommend the best S1P safety shoes on Amazon to allow you to make a good choice of your next pair.

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What you need to know about S1P safety shoes

First of all it must be said that the safety shoes in your choice above all must be filtered by marking: the main markings are S1, S1P, S2 and S3. In this article we will talk about the best S1P safety shoes.

S1P safety shoes combine the main safety elements, namely the 200J impact resistant safety toe cap and the anti-perforation plate that protects the foot from the risk of perforation from any nails or sharp elements that may be on the work site. But choosing a S1P shoe over an S3 lies in the fact that the upper material or the upper part of the shoe is made of non-water-repellent materials which in themselves lead the shoe to have a higher water vapor perspiration.

In your choice of safety shoes there are other elements that you need to take into consideration such as slip resistance or color or even the brand, but for sure you will not be able to make your choice of your next safety shoe regardless of the main marking.

Therefore if you choose a S1P safety shoe you will get the three main elements that I summarize:

  • Safety toe cap
  • Anti perforation plate
  • Non-hydro repellent upper materials

What materials can the protections be made of?

The toe caps can be made of steel, aluminum, composite and fiberglass, while the anti-perforation plates can be made of fabric or steel. If you want more information on the characteristics of each of these materials you can learn more in the following articles:

S1P safety shoes comply with the standard EN ISO 20345.

In what types of work are S1Ps safety shoes used?

There are really many types of work in which S1P safety shoes are used, and to summarize I recommend you use them if you do not have the risk of getting your feet wet, therefore warehouses, work in summer, work indoors, but generally work where there are no they are great risks of liquids entering, and you also work in sectors or environments where you risk that a pointed or sharp object can penetrate the sole of the shoe, damaging your foot.

What are the best S1P safety shoes on Amazon?

Here is a list of products chosen by us:

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