What rules to replace the insoles of safety shoes? The expert answers your questions


Welcome to the section where we report the questions of our readers, with expert advice. The reader who writes to us needs to know if there are specific rules in order to replace the insoles of safety shoes.

This is a very sensible and pertinent question. Many, in fact, think that – with some exceptions – the replacement of the insoles can be done without precautions and precise rules. From our expert’s answer, however, we will see that this is not the case.

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What rules to replace the insoles of safety shoes?

Good morning,

I have a question for you. Can the insoles of safety shoes be replaced at will or must the insoles have specific characteristics in order not to be included in the case of tampering with PPE?

Perhaps superficially I would reply that except for the cases of conductive footwear and ESD there are no problems. But what are the normative references that I can bring to support or modify my thesis? As I have some responsibilities in my company, I need an urgent and comprehensive response.

Thanks in advance,

Simone S.

The expert's advice

Hello Simone,

to replace the insoles of safety shoes, it is necessary to refer to a very specific regulation.

Regulation 20345 point 8.3 regarding the replacement of the insoles

The regulation 20345 in point 8.3 speaks of insoles and clearly states that the “insole can only be changed with a compatible insole supplied by the shoe manufacturer”.

That means that your opinion is not correct at all!

You should provide the same insole as the original shoe by purchasing it from the manufacturer.

Normativa CIMAC

You can check the 20345 regulation from the Cimac website and download it (it’s not free!). Remember to refer to point 8.3.

I remain at your complete disposal for any further information.

With my best regards,


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