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Shoes For Crews, LLC designs, manufactures and distributes the famous Shoes for Crews non-slip safety shoes. The company supplies sports, casual, steel toe and wide shoes, as well as accessories including socks, shoe polishes and measuring tools for men and women. Shoes For Crews serves customers all over the world.

Since 1984, Shoes For Crews has been producing the best non-slip soles in the industry. With their classic wafer motif that keeps your feet firmly planted, Shoes for Crews non-slip safety shoes stand out with a new and intense look. New brand, a wide range of styles and even new lines within the brand, this brand of safety shoes is changing the business. By checking some of the line’s safety shoes, the look is solid, comfortable and they do exactly what they should do. With that classic waffle motif that keeps your feet well planted, Shoes for Crews is becoming fashionable with a new and intense look.

What distinguishes the Shoes For Crews brand of safety boots from other brands?

Shoes For Crews non-slip safety shoes are made with different materials such as leather, canvas and mesh, our clogs and Wellington are made of EVA and polyurethane. All the materials used are high quality materials combined with the non-slip rubber sole, and all Shoes For Crews shoes have slip resistant classified non-slip soles.

There are many main strengths of Safety Shoes For Crews: Clogging-resistant outsole that prevents contaminants from being tracked. Safety toe caps in aluminum, steel and composite, shoes and boots compliant with ASTM F-2413 class 75 standards. TripGuard TM technology: with a “travel danger zone” reduced to a minimum. This allows for smoother transitions between floor surfaces.

And in terms of style?

Water resistant: many of the Shoes For Crews non-slip safety footwear are equipped with a SpillGuard® coating which protects the foot from spills and hot liquids. Comfort guaranteed by the comfortable midsole and removable insoles that guarantee greater comfort when you are standing for hours. Lightweight: lighter construction and breathable fabrics. This helps you stay cooler and lighter on your feet. Shoes For Crews has an excellent quality / price ratio, and the footwear lasts on average about 9 months with intensive daily use, as opposed to cheaper brands that are also consumed in in 3-4 months (even using them in working environments continuously and everyday). Their customer service is among the best in the field, excellent and very fast.

Which Shoes For Crews safety shoes models does SafetyShoesToday recommend?

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