Slimming safety shoes: do they really exist?

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Slimming safety shoes: do they really exist safetyshoestoday

Can a pair of safety shoes help you burn calories, tone and strengthen your body and ease joint pain? Slimming safety shoes?Slimming safety shoes: do they really exist safetyshoestoday

The answer mostly depends from what your job is.

Let’s start from something general: casual shoes for losing weight were born as special footwear for people with diabetes or weight problems, but nowadays these products are widely marketed as sport shoes for toning up and losing weight, to the point that more and more manufacturers are adopting this marketing strategy.

Just to name one: the famous MBT shoes ( Actually, though, there are some differences in terms of technical properties and design between safety and toning shoes, but the basic principles remain the same. Let’s go through it.

Safety shoes VS Slimming safety shoes

Slimming safety shoes: do they really exist?

Casual, slimming shoes have outsoles with an unstable supporting surface and a very curved profile. Walking wearing such shoes is a bit like training to balance, or like moving bare-footed on a sandy beach. The producers say that this instability forces you to use muscles that normally you “wouldn’t even consider”, such as some of the many muscles of the feet, legs, gluteus and stomach, which could really lead to a weight loss. Moreover, these shoes could also improve your gait and posture, and put less pressure in your joints.

Slimming safety shoes

Slimming safety shoes: do they really exist?

It almost looks like these toning shoes offer an easy solution to stay fit, and this is most certainly true, at least to some extent. However, do not expect to get the same benefits of an hour in the gym: this effect helps to tone up the muscles, but it’s not enough alone. This sounds already like a good start, though, don’t you think?

Further studies are being carried out, on the way slimming shoes can influence body balance over time.

Slimming safety shoes, do they really exist?

Slimming safety shoes: do they really exist?

Normally what makes you lose weight is the physical activity your perform when working, if you also maintain a healthy diet, just like for slimming shoes. The most flexible safety– and work shoes improve blood circulation, so reducing legs swelling and allowing the draining of liquids.

To be more precise, there is no safety footwear specifically conceived for losing weight, but there are shoes with curved soles that set certain muscles in motion, as well as comfortable shoes that guarantee freedom of movement, so allowing to keep active at work; there also are comfortable shoes that keep muscles more relaxed and make you feel less tired at the end of the day, so allowing you to exercise after work, which will make you lose weight. Finally, there is uncomfortable footwear which causes physical stress (and, therefore also psychological), which characterize a wrong lifestyle which can affect physical health negatively. Comfortable shoes tend to do the exact opposite.


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Slimming safety shoes, what do you think?

Once you have chosen the right product for your needs, you will feel (and be) safer at work.

I guarantee you that if you get yourself the proper footwear, working will become a better experience for you.

What do you think about this type of safety footwear?

Do you have any points to add?

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