The best safety shoes for forklift drivers


Are you by chance a forklift driver or do you sometimes use a forklift? In this article I will talk about the best safety shoes for forklift drivers.

Each job has different characteristics and risks, and each worker should wear safety shoes suitable for his profession to be adequately protected.

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Are there specific types of safety shoes for forklift drivers? If the answer is yes, are you wearing them?

Let’s find out all about this type of work and the recommended safety shoes for this type of work:

  • workplaces
  • risks
  • what are the recommended safety shoes?


There are forklift drivers in every warehouse and in every sector. Some of them are full-time forklift drivers, while others use the forklift more or less often during the day or only occasionally.

Obviously full-time forklift drivers are the ones who run the greatest risk for their feet and not just their feet, but this does not mean that occasional forklift users should be less cautious or less protected.

Forklift driver is the one who works with a forklift or a pallet truck even in circumstances of maximum operation in warehouses, warehouses, outdoors, on construction sites or even naval. Carries out loading and unloading, lifting, stacking and storage of goods.

Despite being experts, sometimes the work environment determines an increase in the probability of accidents: the surface covered by the forklift is not always level and well practicable. Often you work on unsuitable flooring, in the presence of holes, slopes and disconnections.

When you are not driving, but during the preparation of the goods for loading, checking the integrity of the packages, or during small maintenance operations, you walk in dusty, dirty and sometimes humid and slippery environments.


Here is a list of the risks to your feet from which the best safety shoes for forklift drivers must protect you:

  • slips and falls
  • a load can drop on the foot
  • crushing of the toes by the forklift
  • strokes on the malleolus or on the ankle

As you can see, there are several situations where you run the risk of getting hurt. Working in safety is your right and your duty, so you need to get a good pair of safety shoes for your type of work, and consciously choose the model that protects you more but is also comfortable.

In this specific case I recommend an intermediate, and an extremely safe solution, depending on the risk you run you should make your choice. The solution that mitigates the blows to the ankle are ankle shoes, while those that give you maximum safety are those certified AN for the protection of the malleolus.


The best safety shoes for forklift drivers recommended by SafetyShoesToday are:

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Once you have chosen, among the many models, the one that best suits your needs, you will work in greater safety.

I assure you that you will use the right safety shoes, you will have a better work experience.

What do you think of safety shoes for forklift drivers?

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