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If at work you need work shoes that can protect you from sparks due to welding work, then I recommend you get a pair of safety shoes for welders.

In this article I will answer the most frequently asked questions about safety footwear for welders, to help you find the perfect product for you needs!

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In what cases should safety footwear for welders be used?

  • If in your job there’s a risk of burns caused by sparkles
  • If in your job it happens often that small objects fall on your feet, and you wish additional protection, also to prevent things from entering your shoes

This second point is interesting: indeed, not only welders use this type of safety shoes, rather many workers of various kinds, such as painters or mechanics, mostly to prevent materials from entering their shoes in the area of the laces and the tongue.

For these reasons safety shoes for welders were created

How does a safety shoe for welders look like?

Practically they are like regular safety shoes, but additionally they have a piece of leather that covers the laces and the upper.

Many safety shoes for welders also have other forms of security, for instance a quick release system, which allows to remove your shoes very quickly in case of accident, for example if a hot sparkle enters your footwear. It consists in special eyelets that can be opened with a click.

What standards do safety footwear for welders comply with?

Normally the followed standard is the general one for safety footwear, that is the 20345, but some workers prefer wearing safety shoes resistant to splashes of molten metal, which comply with the standard 20349.

Almost all safety shoes for welders are made of leather, because that’s the material with the highest resistance to contact heat.

What additional properties can they have?

Safety shoes for welders can also have additional properties (mostly required in specific sectors), along with the corresponding marking.

The most frequent ones are:

  • HI = “Heat Insulation” (in the outsole)
  • HRO = the outsoles can withstand the contact with very hot surfaces

What models of safety shoes for welders should I choose?


These tips should help you to find the perfect model of  safety shoes for your needs.

As soon as you choose your perfect pair of safety shoes, you will be better protected and you will live a better working experience.

What do you think about safety footwear for welders?

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