The best carpenter tools


If you are a carpenter or you enjoy your free time in carpentry works, read this article in which I will list the best carpenter tools. Whether you are interested in this hobby activity or need to do it for work, whether it is artisan or industrial carpentry, this article will reveal what are the best tools that should not be missing in your workshop to make your work simpler, more precise. it’s safe.

What are the main activities of a carpenter:

Clearly there are many tasks and activities that a carpenter can carry out, but these are the most important and frequent, which are the basis of all the others:

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  • design and construction of wooden products
  • cutting, modeling and planing of wood according to the project specifications
  • in the case of automated procedures (using machinery) control of the various stages of the process
  • execution of manual retouching works
  • assembly of different wooden parts to obtain a final product
  • repair of various wooden structures
  • assembly of furniture and installation of wooden structures
  • apply coatings and perform other specific treatments for wooden materials

That of the carpenter is a difficult job, although it can give great satisfactions, and it can be very tiring if you don’t use the right tools. Furthermore, the risks of this working or hobby field should not be underestimated. Especially as regards the industrial sector, carpentry has the highest accident severity index, and the third highest in terms of frequency, but potentially dangerous tools are also used in artisan and hobby carpentry, and the risks are not negligible . This is why it is essential that you have the best carpenter tools available!

What are the main tools of a carpenter:

There are some tools without which you can’t even think about starting a carpenter job, neither as a hobby nor as a job. I list them in alphabetical order:

Sand paper




Tape measure

Carpenter’s vise

Carpenter clamp

Electric planer

Manual planer



Hand saw

Circular saw


Carpenter’s square



Safety shoes for carpenters recommended by SafetyShoesToday:

We certainly cannot tell you which are the recommended safety shoes for your carpenter job:

S1P safety shoes:

S3 safety shoes:

I hope you found this article interesting, which lists the best carpenter tools

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