The best safety shoes for blacksmiths

chaussures de sécurité pour forgerons

Are you by chance a blacksmith or do you still work as a blacksmith? In this article I will talk about the best safety shoes for blacksmiths.

Each job has different characteristics and risks, and each worker should wear safety shoes suitable for his profession to be adequately protected.

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Are there specific types of safety shoes for blacksmiths? If the answer is yes, are you wearing them?

Let’s find out all about this type of work and the recommended safety shoes for this type of work:

  • 1. work environments
  • 2. risks
  • 3. What are the recommended safety shoes?


The blacksmith is a craftsman specialized in metal forging or in the hot working of metal, which is molded with the help of tools to beat and shape, giving life to objects such as gates, railings and tools.

The creation of metal objects is generally carried out in shops and workshops, but also in industries or in stables (farriers).

In any case, these are insidious work environments: you work closely with fires and furnaces using tools such as anvils, hammers, pliers, pincers, lathes and cutters. Frequent contact with chemical agents during antioxidant treatments and painting, repeated welding operations, combined with manual handling of loads, make the work environment risky.

The walking surface is almost always sprinkled with iron powders, nails and sharp and sharp pieces of metal: working on it is certainly not easy, especially when the microclimate of the workshops also affects the feet that are affected by low or high temperatures.

Outside the workshop, during the assembly of gates, railings or grates, the blacksmith works outdoors in variable environmental conditions due to the weather, on often dirty, wet and slippery ground, using stairs and assuming protracted uncomfortable postures .


Here is a list of the risks to your feet from which the best safety shoes for locksmiths must protect you:

  • 1. slips, falls and crushes
  • 2. impacts with work tools
  • 3. heavy objects fall on the toes or instep
  • 4. perforations and cuts
  • 5. burns from splashes of molten metal or welds

In this case you have to do a self-assessment of the environment and choose the appropriate shoes: if the risk of molten metal splashes is greater, opt for safety shoes certified 20349, if the greatest risk is welding sparks then choose shoes for welders, if the greater risk are the impacts on the instep then choose metatarsal safety shoes, if the risk is only that of impacts on the toe then opt for S3 SRC shoes

As you can see, there are several situations where you run the risk of getting hurt. Working in safety is your right and your duty, so you need to get a good pair of safety shoes for your type of work, and consciously choose the model that protects you most but is also comfortable.


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Once you have chosen, among the many models, the one that best suits your needs, you will work in greater safety.

I assure you that you will use the right safety shoes, you will have a better work experience.

What do you think of the safety shoes for locksmiths?

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