The best safety shoes for car electricians

Le migliori scarpe antinfortunistiche per elettrauti

Are you by chance a car electrician? In this article I will talk about the best safety shoes for car electricians.

Each job has different characteristics and risks, and each worker should wear safety shoes suitable for his profession to be adequately protected.

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Are there specific types of safety shoes for car electricians? If the answer is yes, are you wearing them?

Let’s find out all about this type of work and the recommended safety shoes for this type of work:

  • 1. work environments
  • 2. risks
  • 3. What are the recommended safety shoes?


By virtue of the predominant electronic component of modern cars, the electrician is a fundamental figure in the field of car repair, whose professionalism is indispensable for diagnostics, the restoration of electrical and vehicle power systems.

The most frequent intervention for an auto electrician is the replacement of batteries, which although relatively small in size, have a considerable weight, especially large ones, and whose movement is almost always manual. In addition to weight, attention must be paid to acids that can escape from the corks.

The work takes place mainly in the workshop between diagnostic devices, for recharging batteries, cricks, bridges and tools for manual work in a microclimatic context that is not always favorable, with considerable probability of accidents of an electrical nature.

It often happens to recover broken-down cars that must be brought to the garage and in this case one is exposed to variable environmental conditions.

During the working phases it is frequent the contact with mechanical parts greased with oils, often exhausted, which represent not only an irritative risk for the skin and mucous membranes, but also for the feet, if pouring on the dusty and wet walking surface, make it slippery.


Here is a list of the risks to your feet from which the best safety shoes for car electricians must protect you:

  • 1. slipping on water, oils, powders
  • 2. impacts between the foot and the work tools
  • 3. batteries fall on the toes
  • 4. crushing of the toes by vehicles
  • 5. wet your feet with liquids

Therefore we would like to recommend that the shoes are safety, i.e. equipped with a toe against impacts, which are non-slip and which are water resistant therefore which are marked S3 SRC, if you also want to add greater antistatic caacity you can choose ESD safety shoes, so the marking should be S3 ESD SRC. If you feel you have no risk of getting your feet wet then choose S1P instead of S3.

As you can see, there are several situations where you run the risk of getting hurt. Working in safety is your right and your duty, so you need to get a good pair of safety shoes for your type of work, and consciously choose the model that protects you most but is also comfortable.

The expert's advice

Safety shoes with the ESD feature help the body transmit more electrostatic charges to the ground, so the result is that you will have less electrostatic charges on your body. This means that if you work in contact with electrical circuits you will not risk passing your electrostatic charges to them, those that usually occur when you touch the car at certain times of the year and an electric spark is generated. This spark if you are in contact with a circuit can damage it.


The best safety shoes for car electricians recommended by SafetyShoesToday are:


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Once you have chosen, among the many models, the one that best suits your needs, you will work in greater safety.

I assure you that you will use the right safety shoes, you will have a better work experience.

What do you think of the safety shoes for electricians?

Do you have any points to add?

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