The best safety shoes for electricians

Le migliori scarpe antinfortunistiche per elettricisti

Are you by chance an electrician or do you still work as an electrician? In this article I will talk about the best safety shoes for electricians.

Each job has different characteristics and risks, and each worker should wear safety shoes suitable for his profession to be adequately protected.

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Are there specific types of safety shoes for electricians? If the answer is yes, are you wearing them?

Let’s find out all about this type of work and the recommended safety shoes for this type of work:

  • 1. work environments
  • 2. risks
  • 3. What are the recommended safety shoes?


The electrician designs, installs, repairs the electrical systems and also takes care of the maintenance and adaptation of the same and carries out his activity in the construction sector, at construction sites or even at private customers.

The work environment presents pitfalls that can also prove fatal: electrocution due to insufficient insulation and fire of electrical origin can occur.

The works can take place in commercial, industrial or residential environments: dirty, dusty, slippery. We often kneel, and sometimes we work on the steps of a staircase.

Often the work areas are in disorder, between tools and equipment, one operates in uncomfortable positions, repetitive operations are performed and one is forced to manually lift and move the loads.

There are tools and electrical cables everywhere, you often walk on steel and concrete surfaces and, sometimes, even on uneven surfaces.

Indispensable a certain ability to manage work even in confined spaces during the manual handling of components and wiring cables and, in some cases, also of telephone cables. Drilling holes in walls or floors to form conduits for cable passage creates insidious debris and dust on the ground.


Here is a list of the risks to your feet from which the best safety shoes for electricians must protect you:

  • 1. electric shock
  • 2. impacts between the foot and the work tools
  • 3. slipping and falls
  • 4. crushing of the feet by moving loads
  • 5. get your feet wet

There are shoes in great demand for electricians and they are those shoes that, even if they are not certified 50321 (electrically insulating shoes), are still made with the sole with insulating compound. 50321 are not regulated but in any case, compared to normal antistatic safety shoes, they offer greater electrical insulation of the sole. We will never stop repeating that safety against electric shock is given by a series of components, gloves, shoes, tools, insulating mats.

As you can see, there are several situations where you run the risk of getting hurt. Working in safety is your right and your duty, so you need to get a good pair of safety shoes for your type of work, and consciously choose the model that protects you most but is also comfortable.


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Once you have chosen, among the many models, the one that best suits your needs, you will work in greater safety.

I assure you that you will use the right safety shoes, you will have a better work experience.

What do you think of the safety shoes for electricians?

Do you have any points to add?

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