Work / safety men shoes for crews

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Work / safety men shoes for crews

If you’re looking for shoes that are created by the global brand that has defined its focus on work / safety men shoes for crews, I suggest you read this article on Shoes for Crews safety shoes. In this article I will show you some models of Shoes for Crews safety shoes.Work / safety men shoes for crews

Work / safety men shoes for crews: something, briefly, about the history of the brand Shoes for Crews

The history of the company behind the brand Shoes for Crews started in America, where in no time it was successful, especially in big food chains but also in the sectors of tourism and distribution. After all, who doesn’t have a crew in its staff? The brand is now popular worldwide, and today it is present in large parts of the world with a collection of sober products, perfect with a uniform, and more importantly, slip-resistant.

Work / safety men shoes for crews: what sets Shoes for Crews apart from the other brands?

On May 2014, the prestigious brand SHOES FOR CREWS has landed in Europe and can boast of being the world leader in the production of footwear of every kind for the professional catering.

The company sells 6 million pairs per year throughout the world, about 1 million of which in Europe, and supplies MC DONALD’S, KFC, BURGER KING, COSTA CROCIERE, MSC, STARBUCKS, AUTOGRILL, SODEXO, ARAMARK and COMPASS.

Shoes for Crews sets itself apart from other brands of men’s work/safety shoes for crews through their patented slip-resistant technology. The patented SFC Mighty Grip outsole, with advanced traction that exceeds regulatory safety requirements, enables safe walking on wet and oily surfaces. This unique technology was developed with the advice of food safety experts, who worked closely with Shoes for Crews to develop footwear that meets food safety regulations.

In addition, Shoes for Crews is distinguished by their wide range of styles and models of work shoes for crews. In addition to traditional non-slip shoe styles, the company also offers more fashionable styles, including sneakers and casual shoes, to meet the needs of all workers. In addition, all Shoes for Crews shoes are made of high-quality materials and are designed to last, providing maximum protection and comfort during the workday.

Work / safety men’s shoes for crews: style and the different models

Shoes for crew’s catalogue includes several models of shoes:

  • Elegant
  • Sneakers
  • Safety footwear
  • Boots
  • Clogs

Work / safety shoes for crews men What models of this brand does SafetyShoesToday recommend?

I selected some for you, and divided them by their main characteristics:

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These are my recommendations if you are trying to figure out what is the best model of Shoes for crew safety footwear for your needs.

As soon as you choose your pair of Shoes for crew safety footwear, you will be better protected at work and working will become a better experience for you.

What do you think about Shoes for crew safety footwear?

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