Goretex safety shoes

When you need to buy new safety shoes you should know what Goretex safety shoes is, so that you can ponder whether to buy a pair or not. What is such advanced technology, and how is it regulated? What is the difference between the different types of shoes? Learning something about the features of this innovative kind of footwear will be of great help for you.

In this article I will explain what Goretex safety shoes are and what technology they’re based on. Let’s go see!

Goretex safety shoes

Goretex safety shoes - Safety Shoes Today

Goretex safety footwear is an innovation in the field of occupational safety: they offer the highest protection from water infiltrations and maintain the feet warm and dry, no matter what the outer temperatures and conditions are. The breathable Goretex fabric will maintain the feet fresh in summer and warm in winter, making Goretex shoes ideal all year.

This footwear guarantees dryness, safety and comfort all day, all year and under any circumstances. The Goretex membrane and its special stitching make the shoes totally waterproof, whereas moisture is let out efficiently.

Is it worth buying Goretex safety shoes?

Goretex safety shoes - Safety Shoes Today

The special features of Goretex safety shoes make such products ideal for any workplace.

During a day of work your feet are subject to stress and risks, but the use of Goretex safety footwear guarantees outstanding levels of comfort, safety and efficiency all day long, but above all, total impermeability to water.

The optimum temperature of the skin of the feet normally lies between 28 and 32 degrees. Goretex safety shoes will let moisture out, won’t let water in and will keep the inner temperature at the ideal levels.

Main features of Goretex

Goretex safety shoes guarantee long-lasting comfort and protection, thanks to their cutting-edge design, materials and technology. The secret of this products is, indeed, the innovative bicomponent membrane.

What is Goretex technology?

The Goretex membrane contains more than 1,4 billion microscopic pores per square centimeter. These pores are 20.000 times smaller than a water drop, but 700 times bigger than a molecule of water vapor, which makes Goretex shoes waterproof but breathable.

Integrated in the structure of the membrane is an oil-repellent substance which allows the passage of vapor, but makes for a physical barrier against contaminants. To make it suited for a wide range of applications, several types of Goretex membranes are produced.

Testing of efficiency and productivity

Several studies performed on Goretex safety shoes have demonstrated that a better comfort increases workers’ focus, so improving their productivity. If the body temperature becomes too high or too low, (and thus unsustainable), the risk of accidents raises exponentially.

Tests performed on Goretex safety shoes

Goretex safety shoes - Safety Shoes Today

Goretex safety footwear follows standards much higher than those set by the standards on safety sootwear. In order to guarantee that each pair of Goretex shoes complies with those strict requirements, Gore has created a series of tests.

Walking Simulator

The Goretex Walking Simulator serves to test the impermeability to water of Goretex shoes. The shoes are put on mechanical feet that are subject to 300.000 to 500.000 cycles of bending in 2 in of water.

Centrifuge test

The centrifuge test verifies the waterproof level of a pair of Goretex shoes without damaging it. The shoes are filled with water and put in a centrifuge set to 240 rounds per minute. Not even the smallest leakage is accepted.

Comfort test

The Goretex Whole Boot Comfort test serves to determine the breathability of Goretex safety shoes. The whole shoe is tested, and not only single components. The transpiration of a foot is simulated through a temperature-controlled microclimate. The levels of vapor absorption and permeability are measured, the required minimum values depending from the future use of the footwear.


Once you get yourself a pair of Goretex safety shoes you will be more protected and at ease at work.

I guarantee you that if you wear the appropriate Goretex safety shoes for your needs you will live a better work experience.

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