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A brief mention of the history of the Bates brand

Bates is a safety footwear brand founded on history, on security services offered to people who care about themselves and their work environment and about the tradition of quality and value. But with changing trends and cultures, the style of clothing, models of safety footwear and communication also change.

Bates is committed to providing assistance and part of that service is in step with the evolution of trends. Brand updating is an evolution, not a revolution, based on tradition but with new and fresh innovations.

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The aerodynamic design and the updated product line always reflect the commitment to quality and the value for which the brand is known, while reflecting the modern times in which we live.

What sets the Bates safety shoes brand apart from other brands?

For over 130 years, with a commitment to innovative technology, quality design and lasting comfort, Bates is an expert in producing safety footwear for all types of work.

The company is able to offer a comfort system that absorbs shocks and transfers energy through the compression pads present in the heel and in the front part of the sole. The shoes are also waterproof and breathable; the lining allows moisture to escape, eliminating the penetration of liquids. Dry warranty.

The leather is waterproof and made in such a way as to protect from atmospheric agents. Provides an impermeable barrier and maintains breathability. Steel-tipped shoes, on the other hand, are able to meet and exceed safety standards, able to protect against electrical hazards.

The composite toe cap footwear is made of non-metallic material, resistant to temperatures and electrical hazards. EMX technology, or memory foam construction, adapts to the shape of the foot individually, for a perfect custom fit without any problem or risk!

And in terms of modeling / style?

Bates’s shoe catalog includes several collections:

  • Bates Durashocks
  • Bates ICS
  • Goretex
  • Endurance
  • Vibram
  • Thinsulate
  • Wolverine Warrior Leather
  • Bates Lites
  • EMX

What are the models of Bates safety shoes recommended by SafetyShoesToday?

I selected them for you:

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These are my recommendations when you try to figure out which is the best Bates safety shoe model for your needs.

Once you have chosen your pair of Bates safety shoes you will be more protected in the workplace and your work experience will improve.

What do you think of the Bates safety shoes?

Have you ever used them?

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