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A brief mention of the history of the HAIX brand

Mainburg’s traditional Bavarian company was founded in 1948 and quickly became globally famous. After starting production in the field of fire boots, today HAIX supplies safety footwear for armies all over the world, equips special forces and is the point of contact when it comes to high-tech and high-quality footwear.

HAIX stands for Haimerl Xaver. More than 60 years ago, the company founder added the X of his name to the first three letters of the surname and founded the production of Haimerl Xaver shoes, in short HAIX. The company is located in the Bavarian city of Mainburg and is rapidly growing in terms of notoriety and efficiency.

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What sets the HAIX safety footwear brand apart from other brands?

As an innovative manufacturer of high technology, HAIX meets the highest demands in terms of functionality, quality and design with a good price / performance ratio.
Anyone who chooses HAIX relies on safety in their work and during free time, without any hesitation.
To date, the company has more than 1,300 employees throughout the world who contribute to the success of the business.

HAIX safety footwear production is “Made in Europe” certified.

And in terms of modeling / style?

The Bavarian functional shoe specialist is now a “safe brand” on the world market. Both in Europe, in America and in Asia, where total trust in safety footwear is required, the high quality products signed by HAIX are a real essential accessory.

At the company’s headquarters in Mainburg, the Research and Development, Design, Marketing and Central Sales departments are located. Shoe specialists and engineers develop the latest trends and functions in state-of-the-art research and testing laboratories.

The products are made exclusively in Europe, both at the headquarters and in Croatia, where HAIX produces high quality functional shoes in one of the most modern shoe manufacturing facilities in the world. The company production classification is divided into:

  • fire boots
  • safety footwear for rescues and doctors
  • shoes for police
  • military
  • nature
  • forest
  • street wear
  • work clothing

What are the models of HAIX safety footwear recommended by SafetyShoesToday?

I selected them for you:

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2 new from $148.49
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3 new from $164.99
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2 new from $168.49
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2 new from $284.49
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3 new from $303.99
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1 new from $317.99
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1 new from $284.49
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These are my recommendations when you try to figure out which is the best safety shoe model for your needs.

Once you have chosen your pair of safety shoes you will be more protected in the workplace and your work experience will improve.

What do you think of the HAIX safety footwear?

Have you ever used them?

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