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Keen Utility Safety Shoes Today

The Keen Utility safety shoes represent the tradition of American manufacture to be worn at the workplace. Keen, an American company from Portland, Oregon, has always been in the front row to create safety and quality footwear. The commitment is to ensure that the materials used in the products are safe for employees, customers and the environment.

Keen work shoes have brought back the precision of hand production with the help of modern technologies to create a product that lasts over time. Each Keen safety shoe is in fact a concentrate of technology and innovation. The customer is placed at the center of the creation project, listening to his needs and investing accordingly. The production processes thus generate, in a perfect union between machines and man, a product that is intended for daily use.

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Keen is also attentive to the environmental impact and constantly strives to keep its production sites sustainable. The objectives are to raise and innovate production to overcome the highest levels of social and environmental standards. Keen is integrity, transparency, responsibility and innovation.

What distinguishes the Keen Utility brand of safety shoes from other brands?

Everything happens in the Keen Innovation Lab where designers and engineers constantly go further to experiment with new concepts and solutions. They use intuition, creativity, tests, cutting-edge tools to challenge conventions, solve problems and give life to great ideas.

Keen’s strength is to go beyond industry standards, seeking sustainable chemistry in production processes such as the use of probiotic technology for natural smoke control. Keen is one of the first companies in the outdoor sector to adopt the “Higg” index as a reference for sustainability. Keen products are manufactured worldwide by the United States in Cambodia, China, India, Mexico, Thailand and Vietnam.

Regardless of where Keen manufactures, it is committed to respecting standards that guarantee the safety of working conditions, that workers are treated with dignity and respect and that processes are responsible for the environment. Finally, attention to sustainability and quality generates an optimal result. Keen shoes and boots for men and women are suitable for jobs such as the construction industry, manufacturing, outdoor work and in the transport sector. They go well with a varied type of use due to their resistance to temperatures, movements and weather conditions.

And in terms of style?

The fundamental characteristics that can be found are in Keen safety shoes are:

  • toe cap in aluminum, steel or carbon fiber;
  • resistance to water and hydrocarbons;
  • non-slip sole;
  • adaptive inner sole;
  • static electricity reduction;
  • protection from electrical risk;
  • heat resistance

Which models of safety shoes does Keen Utility recommend today Safety Shoes?

Rely on the quality of Keen products to find safety in your work.

These are my tips when you try to understand which is the best model of Keen Utility safety shoes suitable for your needs.

After choosing your pair of Keen Utility safety shoes you will be more protected in the workplace and your work experience will improve.

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