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The FSI production company was founded in 1996 with the idea of ​​offering different products and brands to serve the market of safety footwear for workplaces. The Safety Footwear brand was born from the desire to satisfy the desire to create safety footwear for the global market. The company’s mantra is to dedicate itself exclusively to today’s workers who need safety shoes that are safe but also comfortable.

Nautilus Safety Footwear offers over 200 different styles, in multiple sizes and widths and a very wide choice compared to any other safety shoe and manufacturer. Ensuring the satisfaction of the growing technical and comfort needs of workers is the fundamental objective of the company. Total attention to work shoes keeps the final product safe and comfortable. The development team is dedicated to creating high performance work footwear with superior service and value for customers around the world.

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Excellent performance is achieved by ensuring the highest level of standards for customers and employees. Constant attention to technological development has created a team dedicated to providing value to customers by providing long-lasting, high-quality safety footwear that is appreciated and used effectively in any working condition.

Nautilus Safety Shoes: what are the differences between the brand and other brands?

Nautilus footwear offers protection and comfort with high safety characteristics, constantly exceeding the rigorous safety standards ASTM, the American inspection body. Whether it’s safety or soft toe, used in an external or internal work environment, from heavy construction to the service sector, boots are always built with the aim of comfort. Nautilus shoes are at the forefront and have different characteristics that make them unique.

The steel safety toes offer maximum space for your fingers for maximum comfort and maximum protection. The “Metal Free” footwear is designed in such a way that no exposed component of the same scratches or marks on any work surface, offering less risk of damage and more freedom. The composite safety toe, on the other hand, features a high-tech polymer cap to reduce the overall weight of the product.

The lightweight Metatarsal Guard line offers both internal protection and a construction with external hinges to offer the maximum in terms of protection and fit. The innovative carbon nanofiber material makes the boot lighter and more versatile. Nautilus also provides high quality boots that meet the safety requirements for static dissipative footwear.

Nautilus shoes and in terms of style?

Nautilus boots are all equipped with technology:

  • anti slip;
  • anti-puncture with Lenzi® sole;
  • waterproofing;
  • insulation with the special Thinsulate TM sole.

The boots are suitable for work environments such as:

  • building and construction;
  • heavy industry
  • manufacturing.

In addition to offering excellent performance in terms of safety and comfort, Nautilus boots also stand out for their modern and eye-catching style. Available in a variety of colors and designs, these boots are an ideal choice for those seeking not only a functional shoe, but also a fashionable one. In addition, the choice of high-quality materials such as leather, nylon, and synthetic fabric ensures durability and a well-kept appearance even after several heavy uses.

Nautilus work shoes: which models does SafetyShoesToday recommend?

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You too can choose your Nautilus work boot for prevention and safety in the workplace.

These are my tips when you try to understand which is the best Nautilus safety shoes model for your needs.

After choosing your pair of Nautilus safety shoes you will be more protected in the workplace and your work experience will improve.

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