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The Carolina Shoe Company started with the Double-H Boots brand owned by H.H. Brown. In 2006, they expanded the facility and moved the Customer Service Center to Martinsburg, Pennsylvania.

Carolina shoes use comfort and insulation technologies such as Goretex, Thinsulate and Dri-lex to create a work boot perfectly protected from humidity, resistant and extremely comfortable. Carolina boots are specially made for sturdy wear and heavy work in harsh outdoor environments. Each of the Carolina boots has a durable construction which ensures that the boots last for at least five years. They come with a warranty from a few months to a few years depending on the various types of footwear they produce. Some have a few months of warranty while some have a few years of warranty.

Carolina Safety Shoes: what are the differences between the brand and other brands?

Carolina uses the best and most innovative technologies and materials in the construction of their work boots and safety shoes. The thick polyurethane foam frame molded for the support is combined with a memory foam top layer that adapts to the foot. The comfort footbed allows you to work all day without problems. The artisanal construction method is patented for all safety shoes. Carolina makes them durable, the upper is attached to the sole. This type of construction allows to produce extremely flexible and comfortable safety shoes. ESD static control is ideal for people who manage static-sensitive devices – in the warehouse, in the laboratory or in other work environments. Safely discharges the build-up of static electricity, protecting people from the build-up of electrostatic charges. The soft lining has excellent moisture wicking, durable and breathable properties.

Carolina also stands out for the variety of models and the wide range of protection options it offers workers. The brand offers safety shoes that are suitable for many different activities, from construction to the food industry, from agriculture to maintenance. In addition to this, Carolina shoes are available in many different sizes and widths, so that every worker can be comfortable. In addition, Carolina offers the option of customizing the safety shoes with its own logo or other customizations upon request. This demonstrates the brand’s commitment to meeting each customer’s specific needs and ensuring effective, customized protection in every work environment.

Carolina composite toe safety shoes: and in terms of style?

Carolina provides a non-metallic safety toe cap option where the carbon fiber texture reduces the weight of the toe cap while maintaining strength to meet ASTM standards for compression assessment and impact testing. The innovative internal guard is a unique combination of an asymmetrical polyurethane protection and a plastic upper protection designed to adapt to the distinct contours of both feet. Together they form a strong and comfortable defense against impacts.

Carolina shoes have a reputation for unmatched comfort and impeccable performance and do not disappoint while remaining among the most comfortable on the market.

Carolina work shoes: What models of safety shoes does SafetyShoesToday recommend?

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