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Comfortable safety shoes - safetyshoestoday

This is one of the main problems I would say not only for safety workers, but for all people standing feet for long times, or walking a lot. Working people really need comfortable safety shoes.Comfortable safety shoes - safetyshoestoday

One of those features that make shoes real comfortable safety shoes is shock absorption, so in this article I will tell you about safety shoes with shock absorber.

The safety footwear helps to prevent damage caused by impact to the heel; but also learning more about the technical plus invented by the manufacturers will help you a lot.

In this article I’ll explain technically what to do if you need comfortable safety shoes by telling you some of the most important features of safety shoes with shock absorber, because on the market there is a number of footwear solutions for this purpose.

I bet you’ll be surprised by how easy it is to find the product for yourself!

  • You work standing in a fix work station for a long time?
  • Or maybe you have to walk a lot during your working day?
  • You jump on and off of a truck?
  • You carry weights?

Well, you definitely need safety shoes with shock absorber, now I’ll technically explain what exists on the market and what technical specifications you have to look for the perfect safety shoes with shock absorber for your needs.

The problem arising from the non-use of safety shoes with shock absorber is that you can have many kinds of illnesses including heel inflammation, back pain, legs stiffness up to headaches or even worse diseases. 


Comfortable safety shoes

That is why I strongly recommended you to make a good search of safety shoes with shock absorber

The best solutions to protect your feet from impacts are coming from: different types of outsole, internal comfort insole:


There are several outsole compounds but more generally:

  • PU SINGLE DENSITY: generally this is one of the most comfortable and impact absorbing outsoles because the single density of PU is a less dense compound so it is much lighter and more shock absorbing. Just have a look at the thickness of the outsole, usually the ticker the better.
  • PU PU – PU TPU – PU RUBBER : these compounds are generally very shock absorbing because the midsole (between the upper and the outer sole) is a very low density compound so the shock absorbing is usually very high.
  • SINGLE RUBBER DENSITY: this compound generally is less shock absorbing, because rubber is a high density compound and if not joined with another material like PU or EVA it is not very shock absorbing even if it is a recommended material for specific applications
  • EVA RUBBER: EVA is one of the lightest materials used for outsoles of safety footwear, coming from sport shoes. It is generally a high shock absorbing material, but mostly when the shoe is new. EVA doesn’t have the best “memory” effect so after being used for a certain time the compound gets more compressed and the shock absorption is then reduced



This is one of those features where manufacturers are expressing the best of their bet to help users. You better check the insoles of the safety shoes that you are going to buy. I will make a specific post on this matter

  • impact absorbing insoles

  • different thickness insoles

  • different materials insoles

  • gel insoles

  • insoles with impact absorbing materials (D3OPORON)


These are the solutions that I suggest to you when you’re looking for comfortable safety shoes.

Now you have to choose your safety shoes with shock absorber. There is a ton of products on the market that are identified as comfortable safety shoes to help you get protected from shocks in the heel area.

Don’t forget to look for the type of outsole, the type of comfort insole and, possibly, the result of the energy absorption if indicated by the manufacturer. 


Comfortable safety shoes, selected by SafetyShoesToday:

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Well, when you’ll have selected over the many safety shoes with shock absorber your problem will be solved, because these safety shoes with shock absorber will protect you from the impacts coming from the contact to the ground, protection brought from the outsole and from the insole.

The result? Less feet pains, less back pains, less muscles pains, reduced headaches.

I grant you that if you use the right safety shoes with shock absorber you’ll live a better working experience.

What do you think about safety shoes with shock absorber?

Do you have points to add?

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