Shoes with Boa laces

Shoes with Boa laces

If you are looking for safety shoes that can be quickly put on, taken off and adjusted, then I recommend you keep reading this article about safety shoes with Boa laces system.

In this article I will answer to the most frequently asked questions about safety footwear with Boa System, to help you find the perfect product for your needs!

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Shoes with boa laces: in what cases should they be used?

  • If you need to adjust the fastening of your shoes very precisely, to adapt them to the shape of your feet
  • If you need safety shoes that can be taken off very quickly when needed, for example in case of an accident
  • If you’re sick of the classic lacing
  • Many diabetics use shoes with Boa lacing System

Boa lacing system shoes were originally developed for the sports industry, but have also found applications in other fields, such as occupational safety and medicine. Boa lacing safety shoes are often preferred by workers who need to wear safety shoes with precise lacing adjustment, such as firefighters and oil rig workers. These shoes can provide a secure and customized one-handed closure, which means they can be laced up quickly in an emergency. In addition, many people with health problems, such as diabetics or those who have difficulty bending or lacing their shoes, appreciate Boa lacing for its ease of use and precise adjustment. In any case, Boa lacing system shoes offer greater flexibility and customization than traditional lacing, making them an attractive choice for those seeking a more modern and functional lacing solution.

Boa lacing shoes: what is?

The Boa system is a closure system that at first was created for sport shoes, and was later introduced to the world of safety footwear.
It consists of a flexible cable, very resistant to traction and wear, which can be tightened by turning a knob (that can be placed in various points of the shoe), and released instantly with a simple movement (rotating in the reverse direction or pulling the knob).

The biggest advantage of the Boa System is the extreme speed with which the footwear can be opened (very important in case of emergency). Moreover, the closure can be adjusted in many points of the shoe, so adapting the footwear to the shape of the foot. That’s why many diabetics prefer to use shoes with Boa lacing system.

Boa fit shoes: what standards do safety footwear with Boa comply with?

Just like all regular safety footwear, safety shoes with Boa lacing system comply with the ASTM standard

On the market you can find safety shoes with Boa lacing system of any type: SD and or EH

Boa lace shoes: what models should I choose?

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These tips should help you to find the perfect model of  safety footwear with boa lacing system for your needs.

As soon as you choose your perfect pair of safety shoes, you will be better protected and you will live a better working experience.

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