Safety shoes with TPU soles

Anti-perforation soles of safety shoes

If you are looking for occupational footwear with abrasion- and slip-resistant soles, then I recommend a pair of safety shoes with TPU soles.

In this article I will answer the most frequently asked questions about safety footwear with TPU soles, to help you find the perfect product for you needs!

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The TPU:

TPU is a material which is widely used in the production of soles for safety shoes, thanks to its excellent elastic and aesthetic properties. “TPU” stands for “thermoplastic polyurethane”. It’s almost always combined with a midsole of polyurethane (PU) to obtain a PU/TPU sole. This material is often used in colorful soles, because it can be made of any color, including translucent.


Main characteristics:

PU/TPU: TPU is a very sturdy and flexible material. It has very good performances: excellent abrasion resistance and a slip resistance comparable to that of single-density PU and rubber; flexibility. In average TPU is more durable than PU and has a better protection from low temperatures.

RECOMMENDED USE: in and outdoors or in cold places; not recommended for works on hot surfaces.

What models of safety shoes with TPU soles should you choose?

Here is a selection of models with PU/TPU soles, sturdy and flexible, chosen on the internet by SafetyShoesToday:

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These tips should help you to find the perfect model of safety footwear with TPU soles for your needs.

As soon as you choose your perfect pair of safety shoes with TPU soles, you will be better protected and you will live a better working experience.

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  1. I’ve loved my blundstone boots with Tpu soles . I have back problems and they really are the best for standing long hours on concrete. BUT they are the worst on snow and ice, I’ve had a couple of bad falls while wearing them. Be careful!


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