Dickies Safety Shoes

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Dickies safety shoes

Since its origins in 1922, each Dickies workwear and Dickies work shoes has been synonymous of quality, endurance and pride, characteristics that embody the spirit of the American worker. The attention to quality that has always distinguished the brand was born from a constant dedication and research in the production processes.Dickies safety shoes

The unstoppable success thus accompanied the growth of a small company until its international ascent to one of the world’s largest manufacturers of clothing and work shoes. The founding members Williamson and Dickie began their career in the vehicle and repair sector where they learn the need for resistant and quality work clothes and shoes that can accompany every worker in the challenges of every day. At this point, driven by the desire to innovate the market, they founded their company in 1922, Williamson-Dickie which immediately enjoyed a strong geographical expansion thanks to an increasing appreciation. The Great American Depression does not scare the newborn business that manages to make its way within the American territory by creating more and more consensus among its customers.

Today Dickies® is a global company that sells clothing and work shoes mainly in the USA but also in the world in its main markets such as South Africa, Australia, Russia, Chile, Japan, Canada, Europe and Mexico.

Dickies work shoes: what distinguishes the Dickies brand of safety boots from other brands?

The Dickies® brand is appreciated from the outset for its high quality and style. The company has always been clear how work clothes and safety shoes should be an ally of the worker and therefore ready for any challenge. The dedication, the search for innovation and the continuous contact with customers therefore ensure that the company has continuous growth and can find continuous success in its area of reference.

Dickies offers a wide range of clothing ranging from work trousers to shirts to denim jeans and work clothes for women to great safety shoes. The Dickies® shop allows you to purchase all the essential clothing and accessories in the workplace.

In addition to quality and style, Dickies also stands out for its strong focus on workplace safety. Dickies’ range of safety shoes is designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of the most stringent safety regulations. The shoes feature steel or composite toe caps and non-slip soles to ensure maximum protection and stability in the most demanding workplaces. In addition, Dickies also offers a wide range of water- and weather-resistant work shoes to work safely in all weather conditions. Constant pursuit of innovation and collaboration with customers have enabled Dickies to develop high-performance safety footwear that meets the needs of every type of worker.

Dickie work shoes: and in terms of style?

The Dickies® catalog includes items for:

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These are my tips when you try to understand which is the best Dickies safety shoes model for your needs.

After choosing your pair of Dickies safety shoes you will be more protected in the workplace and your work experience will improve.

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