Safety shoes against tendinopathy

Safety shoes against tendinopathy

On the market there is a wide choice of safety shoes, and at first sight they look all the same, although there are actually great differences among the various types. In this article my goal is to give you some advice about the best Safety shoes against tendinopathy.

I will try to give you an idea of what problems can be avoided by using the right kind of safety shoes.

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I am sure this article will be a big help to you so that you will be able to choose the perfect pair of safety shoes for your problem.


Foot tendinopathy

Safety shoes against tendinopathy - safetyshoestoday

Tendons are the hard fibers which attach muscle to bone. Most of tendon injuries happen near joints, like a knee or an ankle. A trauma to a tendon sometimes can be sudden, but normally it is caused by a continuing effort.

Tendinopathy of foot muscles: in this case there is damage in the tissue of the tendon because of its excessive use, like repeated movements during long work hours, compression or friction. The inflammation and the resulting pain can get to the point of hindering work.

The expert's advice

Tendinopathies develop for many reasons that are not only attributable to the safety shoe that is used but can also derive from musculoskeletal problems.
However, many workers have this problem and the choice of a good safety shoe, appropriate for the work being done, can have a positive influence on tendon stiffness.
The advice that can be given without going too far into each individual case, which should be evaluated by a specialist doctor, is to select the work shoe being careful about the sole and the inner sole, because they are certainly the two factors that most affect the tendon and lumbar area.
The recommendation is to choose safety shoes that have a non-flat sole, an insole with adequate thickness in the heel area and possibly with an arch for the foot. Another tip we give very often is to have more than one pair of safety shoes and alternate them during the days of the week.

Advice on purchasing the right safety shoes against tendinopathy

Safety shoes against tendinopathy - safetyshoestoday

So, tendinopathy is an acute inflammation of some tendon which, in time, can develop into much more serious diseases that can lead to the degeneration of the joints. This disease causes pain in the heel area, and often also on the sole of the foot.

Many people suffer from this condition, but luckily we can give you some tips for buying the perfect pair of safety shoes to relieve the symptoms:

  • using a good insole with arch support is one of the best solutions;
  • in particular, I recommend insoles that are ticker in the heel area, because that causes the foot to slightly lean forward, so reducing the stress on articulations and muscles;
  • the insoles should be soft: I recommend, if possible, soles of single-density PU;
  • safety shoes equipped with shock-absorbing gel soles are a good product; there are also sport shoes with gel soles;
  • avoid flat shoes, and shoes with thin soles, because they provide little shock absorption;
  • moreover, it is wise to own more than one pair of safety shoes and to rotate them at work, so you won’t make the inflammation worse;
  • Your safety shoes must always be fastened well, otherwise the sole can’t bend along with the foot’s movement, which prevents it from reducing the stress on the tendon.


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Safety shoes against tendinopathy: Conclusions

Safety shoes against tendinopathy - safetyshoestoday

Those tips will help you to find the perfect type of safety shoes for your problem.

As soon as you learn the ropes and you get the right safety footwear for your needs, you will experience better comfort at work.

I assure you that if you wear the right type of safety footwear you will live a better work experience.

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