Is it worth to buy cheap safety shoes?

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If you need safety shoes but you don’t have much savings, you are looking for cheap safety shoes, so I suggest that you keep reading this article! On the market there is a huge variety, and you need to know how to find high-quality products at good prices!

Looking for good, low-cost safety footwear requires some study, to avoid making bad purchases. Many people think that cheap means low-quality, but it’s not always like that: many factors affect the final price! However, it is always wise to check some characteristics and the materials of a product you’re considering buying, especially if the price is particularly low.

The characteristics you should check before a purchase

There is many types of safety shoes that can make a job safer: some types of boots, ankle-boots and shoes can assure comfort and protection for your safety. To find out what features you need you will have to determine what are the risks in your job, then you will be able to choose the right type of safety footwear for your specific needs.

Safety shoes are as important as protective gloves and goggles for your safety, and using them has many advantages.

Foot injuries can be debilitating and can slow down the work or cause difficulties in its execution. Wearing safety footwear can prevent such problems in the following ways.


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Protection against objects that may fall on your foot

If in your job you carry heavy objects, or work in a chaotic environment where many people, machines and vehicles are active at the same time, the risk of being injured by falling objects becomes considerable. Safety shoes equipped with protective toecaps can save you the trouble, and steel toecaps are the cheapest.

Anti-perforation soles

Anti-perforation soles of safety shoes


If you work in the presence of sharp or pointy objects safety footwear equipped with puncture-resistant soles will give you excellent protection. In construction sites, for example, there is always the risk of stepping on a nail or on something else that may pierce your soles and hurt your feet, but safety shoes with steel plates will be more than enough to prevent such accidents (steel plates are the cheapest).


Slip resistance

Slip resistant safety shoes


Slipping can happen in any job and in any workplace; indeed many accidents of that kind occur every year. Companies and individual workers can adopt preventive measures, which include the obligation of wearing a particular type of safety footwear to reduce the risk of falling due to slipping and getting injured. Budget safety shoes often have low slip resistance (but not always!), so pay attention to this characteristic when you choose your shoes.

Protection from burns

Safety shoes protection from burns


In some workplaces the risk of burns is rather high. Burns can be caused by fire, sprays of chemicals or molten metals, and the contact with other dangerous substances. Certain types of shoes have specific resistance to such risks, although, unfortunately, they have a higher average price compared to regular safety shoes.


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Last updated on 07/07/2020 9:36 AM


But then is it advisable to buy budget safety shoes or not?

It strongly depends on your type of job and workplace.

• Depending on the type of job and workplace vary the materials of:

  1. the sole
  2. the upper
  3. the lining
  4. the insole, and this affects the level of comfort, too

Moreover, the care shoes are manufactures with varies too, depending from the future application.

• It also depends on the type of risks one faces in his/her job, and on how important comfort is for him/her. It’s ok to wear cheap safety shoes if:

  1. you use them occasionally and not at work (for example to do housework or bricolage);
  2. you work in a warehouse, but you don’t handle heavy objects and in general there aren’t big risks for your safety;
  3. you use them as an additional protection in places where there are no major hazards;
  4. you use them for short times, in low-risk situations;
  5. you change them often.

• You shouldn’t consider buying budget safety shoes (and you’d better buy a high-quality product) if:

You use them every day at work, because they’re part of your working equipment;

  1. in your job there are significant risks, so your shoes must have high performances and comfort all the time;
  2. lasting comfort is very important for you;
  3. you use them intensively every day;
  4. you don’t change them very often and you plan to use the same pair for a pretty long time.


As soon as you choose the right safety shoes for your needs you will have more comfort and protection at work.

I guarantee you that if you choose the safety footwear that most suits you, you will live a better working experience.

What do you think about the points to be verified to choose the perfect compromise between price and quality?

Do you have any points to add?

Leave us a comment down here!

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