Lacing systems for safety footwear

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Verschlusstypen für Sicherheittschuhe - Safetyshoestoday

When you have to choose your new pair of safety footwear you need to know what lacing systems for safety footwear it should have.Verschlusstypen für Sicherheittschuhe - Safetyshoestoday

How many different lacing systems for safety footwear are there on the market?

What is the difference between the different lacing systems for safety footwear?

Also in this case learning more about the technical plus invented by the manufacturers will help you a lot.

Lacing systems for safety footwear

In this article I’ll technically explain what you should do if you need safety shoes but you don’t know which lacing system for safety footwear.

I bet you’ll be surprised by how easy it is to find the right product for you!

  • Do you need safety footwear that can be adjusted perfectly to the shape of your feet?
  • Do you need a quick closing system?
  • Do you need a classical zipper for easy on – off?

There’s a huge variety of needs that one can have, depending on his working conditions , and you have to understand what are yours. Let me show you what exists on the market, and what you have to look for, to find the perfect lacing system for safety footwear for your needs.

The most common lacing systems for safety footwear:

Lacing systems for safety footwear: BOA SYSTEM = It is an innovative system invented for sport shoes, which only recently landed in the world of safety footwear, it is not cheap but it allows the user to adjust the shoes perfectly and very quickly. It is also a quick release system for those who need it.

There are already competing companies that offer very similar products, but the BOA is still the top one: Let’s see some manufacturer’s description: “with the patented BOA® closure system, durability and comfort are ensured all day long.

It’s designed to ensure quick closure and opening even in case of emergencies. Unlike the classic string fastening system, with just one simple click or turn you can free the foot or adjust the fit quickly and effectively. Lined, multiple stainless steel laces allow you to adjust the fitting in millimetric precision, thus obtaining a safe and resistant closure.”


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Lacing systems for safety footwear: LOCK LACES = it is another lacing system that we are used to see in all types of footwear (also kids footwear). It is a very simple lacing system, very fast and easy to use.

Because it is easier and quicker to use compared to classic laces, it is appreciated by overweight people and by people with back problems who cannot bend easily to fasten their footwear. It is also pretty economical and nowadays it is available in hundreds of shapes.

The top company providing this system is Let’s see some manufacturer’s description:

“Lock Laces™ were born in 1997, when Eric Jackson, a track athlete, became frustrated with his shoelaces coming undone all the time during races, and decided to come up with a solution. One day, Eric went home after practice and fashioned the first pair of Lock Laces™ out of two bungee cords and a two cord locks.

When his friends kept asking him to make them a pair, he realized that his solution had retail potential. The next year, Eric filed for and obtained a patent, set up shop, and began selling Lock Laces™. In the beginning, he ran his company, Street Smart LLC, from his mother’s basement in Baltimore, MD.

In 2011, Eric partnered with Frank Sutton and Positive Distribution LLC, and together they grew Lock Laces™ into an international brand. Today, Frank and the team at Positive Distribution LLC are working hard to bring Lock Laces™ into the shoes of everyone that needs them!”


Lacing systems for safety footwear: YKK ZIPPERS = the zippers are known not only in footwear but in all kind of products including garments. They are very common in firefighters boots and in all footwear that needs to be taken on and off quickly.

Over the hundreds or thousands of zipper manufacturers worldwide, it is impossible not to mention the top company

Let’s see some manufacturer’s description: The YKK Group is trusted worldwide for their impeccable production standards and thorough quality control processes for slide fasteners, hook and loop fasteners.

There are integrated production and supply systems in place that meet all the needs of customers around the world. The Fastening Products Group does exactly what its name implies. It produces and markets fasteners.

This business is where YKK started, and we have produced and marketed fastening products for more than 75 years.

Today YKK® brand fastening products are used around the world, and we continue to meet the challenge of further increasing the value of our brand and creating new demand for our products.


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Lacing systems for safety footwear: VELCRO = another renown lacing system is Velcro strap. Also in this case nowadays there are hundreds or thousands of manufacturers, but the top name in this business is still VELCRO®:

Let’s see what a manufacturer has to say: “The family of VELCRO® Brand woven hook and loop products includes the popular Hook 88 and Loop 1000 combination, that is used all around the world.

In addition to our traditional nylon hook and loop, we offer polyester, polypropylene, aramid, and stainless steel fasteners—each with its own unique set of performance and aesthetic characteristics.

The Velcro Companies also offer a wide variety of quality fireproof hook and loop fasteners to satisfy your fire-retardant application needs”.

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Lacing systems for safety footwear: LACES = this type of fastening is definitely the most classic, unbeaten in terms of diffusion. It is easy, economical and efficient. It is impossible to name a main brand in the laces market.

There are several different kinds of laces to choose from, but it is interesting to underline a couple of types that might interest you:

  • fire-retardant laces: Usually they are built with Nomex® fibers inside (in addition to the over three million firefighters worldwide who are protected by apparel made with Nomex®, there are millions of other people around the globe, including military personnel, police officers, auto racing teams and industrial workers, who rely on the inherent heat and flame resistant properties and durability of Nomex® fiber to keep them safe from the everyday hazards they face on their job).
  • fluorescent laces: for increased visibility at night time
  • elastic laces: such laces follow the movements of the foot during work activities


Lacing systems for safety footwear: ELASTIC = it is not properly a lacing system but, especially in sanitary and services safety footwear, the elastic is very frequent, so it is worth mentioning.

Lacing systems for safety footwear


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These are the solutions that I suggest when you’re looking for the best lacing system for safety footwear.

Once you’ll have selected the safety shoes with the right lacing system for safety footwear for you, you’ll be more protected and comfortable at work.

I guarantee you that if you use the right lacing system for safety footwear you’ll live a better working experience.

What do you think about the right lacing system for safety footwear?

Do you have points to add?

Please write your comments below!

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