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Magnum safety shoes evolved from Hi-Tec Sports, the footwear company founded in 1974 by Frank van Wezel. It was Frank’s love of sport that led him to build an innovative, light and immediately comfortable sports shoe. Thus began the idea of ​​transferring this technology into uniform and safety footwear. Magnum was born in 1982 on direct request from the FBI training center, for light, sporty and comfortable tactical boots.Safety boots Magnum safetyshoestoday

Successful collaboration with the FBI increased demand as more law enforcement and security personnel needed super light comfort and performance. Subsequently, with greater responsibilities there are also greater investments in customer satisfaction. Thus began to produce boots in different variants that are entirely in leather, waterproof and with steel toe.

In the 90’s the first complete global collection of Magnum safety footwear arrives. Launched throughout the United States, demand is growing worldwide. In the 2000s Magnum reached the final consecration to a giant of safety footwear with supplies of boots that satisfied customers all over the world.

Magnum safety shoes: what are the differences between the brand and other brands?

The strength of Magnum boots lies in the value of the research behind the creation of each shoe. The creation of a MTAC tactical study commission has made it possible to maintain the connection between the final product and the customer’s requests. MTAC is made up of members of various emergency services and military forces who work alongside the Magnum development team through testing and consulting on new product development. Thanks to this synergy Magnum manages to guarantee that all its footwear is truly “fit for purpose” and continues to exceed the expectations of end users.

Magnum boots consistently reach a high level of quality. They are used by security and emergency bodies from all over the world for their material, comfort and performance characteristics. The pursuit of excellence and all knowledge were then successfully transferred to the world of occupational safety in extreme quality footwear.

The Magnum Work collection features progressive style athletic-inspired footwear designed for the service industry, construction and industrial professions. This range is designed to withstand the toughest conditions of use.

Magnum shoes and in terms of style?

The work and safety boots are:

  • Stealth Force 8;
  • Roadmaster;
  • Precision Sitemaster;
  • Rigmaster.

The Magnum proprietary technologies applied in the construction of the boots are:

  • M2 which means resistance, durability and protection. A new waterproof and breathable membrane that keeps your feet dry.
  • M2-P.A.C.T stands for greater resistance, durability and multilayer protection. Different insoles inside the boot guarantee support, safety and comfort.

Which Magnum safety shoes models does SafetyShoesToday recommend?

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These are my tips when you try to understand which is the best Magnum safety shoes model for your needs.

After choosing your pair of Magnum safety shoes you will be more protected in the workplace and your work experience will improve.

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