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Safety footwear for women - safetyshoestoday

Often professional footwear is wrongly considered a product for men, but the number of women involved in production is as relevant as that of men, that’s why safety footwear for women is so important.Safety footwear for women - safetyshoestoday

If you are looking for safety shoes for women you’ll better consider some details. In this article I will tell you about safety shoes for women.

Safety footwear for women

I will talk about these types of safety footwear, and more in particular:

1. Difference between unisex safety footwear and safety shoes for women
2. Normal sizing for safety footwear for women
3. Safety shoes for women with heels
4. Safety shoes for women for special applications
5. Products to search


Best safety shoes for women, selected by SafetyShoesToday:


(1) Difference between unisex safety footwear and safety footwear for women

The majority of women use men’s safety footwear in small sizes, the main reason is that the biggest percentage of safety footwear styles are created for men, so it comes easy for ladies to use men’s styles like they were safety shoes for women.
But the best safety footwear manufacturers also have in their catalogues ladies safety footwear, I mean safety footwear styles created for women, with women’s colours, women’s style and women’s last.

Yes, the biggest difference between the men’s styles in women’s sizes and the real safety footwear for women is the last used for the shoe, it is not just a men’s last in smaller size but a women’s last, the fitting will be much different between the two.

Only in few cases the smallest sizes of men’s styles are made on a real women’s last. That’s also true that there are so much more men’s styles than women’s, so there’s a much bigger choice for a woman who decides to settle for a men’s style.

My suggestion is to start looking for safety shoes for women in the women’s section of catalogues, and if the products there are not reaching your expectations, to take a men’s style that also has small sizes.

Safety footwear for women

(2) Normal sizing for safety shoes for women

The normal sizes for women range is 5 to 10, but there are some manufacturers that offer smaller sizes. If your foot is bigger than a 10 women size then you’ll have to settle for a men’s style..

(3) Safety footwear for women with heels

Professional and safety footwear with heels is a dream for many women, but you have to keep in mind that there’s the risk of twisting your ankles, so be careful.
Manufacturers have some styles with a bit of heel, although in most cases it is not an actual heel, but an outsole with a high pendency. However, if you often walk on irregular surfaces you better choose your footwear with a flat heel.
If you decide to take footwear with heels, make sure that the outsole is stable enough (a bit wide on the front side).

(4) Safety shoes for women for special applications

Some kinds of professional footwear, like welding safety shoes, metatarsal safety shoes, chainsaw-resistant safety shoes and safety footwear for fire fighters are usually made on men’s last, so it will be extremely difficult to find those styles on a women’s last and in women’s colours.

(5) Products to search

As I told you before, start with the most famous brands, the wider the catalogue the bigger the possibility to find a “Safety shoes for women” section.

Safety footwear for women

Start looking for Safety shoes for women in the women section, and if you don’t find the style that you’re looking for then go for men’s styles and find one with small sizes. This should be your second choice.


Best safety shoes for women, selected by SafetyShoesToday:

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Avoid Safety shoes for women with heel if you walk on irregular floors or if you use stairs all the time.

I guarantee you that if you use the right safety footwear for women you’ll live a better working experience.

What do you think about safety shoes for women?

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