Thorogood safety shoes

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Thorogood safety shoes

Thorogood safety shoes are iconic for their robust aesthetics inspired by workwear and full functionality. Thorogood is a Weinbrenner Shoe Company brand, a manufacturer of safety, military, work and uniform footwear. It was founded in 1892 and is headquartered in Merrill, Wisconsin, in the manufacturing of comfortable and durable work boots for over 100 years.Thorogood safety shoes

Thorogood is a brand known for its rugged and functional safety shoes. The shoes are inspired by workwear and are designed to last. The company has a long history of producing durable footwear for work, military and uniforms, dating back to 1892. The company is headquartered in Merrill, Wisconsin, where it has been producing comfortable and durable work shoes for more than 100 years. Thorogood safety shoes come in a variety of styles and styles, including classic leather work shoes, synthetic shoes, and steel-toed shoes for added protection. Thorogood’s range of safety shoes also offers solutions for workers’ specific needs, such as slip-resistant shoes and waterproof shoes.

Thorogood safety shoes: what distinguishes the brand of from other brands?

In 1892 Albert Weinbrenner, started a business with his partner Joseph Pfeifer, repairing and selling boots and shoes from a shop in Milwaukee, calling their company “Weinbrenner and Pfeifer”. Their specialty – boots and shoes for jobbing businesses – to use modern terms, they specialized in work boots. Thorogood makes Made in USA boots adapted for heavy work such as electricians, carpenters, steel industry, boiler operators etc. Tested and certified to meet the strict standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), all Thorogood safety footwear meets or exceeds the highest ASTM F2413-11 or ASTM F2892-11 ratings (where applicable). The MaxWear wedge sole offers traction on slippery surfaces such as mud and grass. The waterproof and breathable membrane keeps your feet dry and comfortable.

Thorogood work boots: and in terms of style?

Thorogood safety shoes have a lot in common with good sneakers when it comes to comfort. Together with their lightness and flexibility, they are also equipped with removable single-density shock zone polyurethane insoles for better energy retention and fatigue prevention. The impact areas of your feet, which are also the parts that hit the ground most hard during the stride, are protected from wear and tear typically caused by the return of energy with your stride. Instead, that energy is absorbed in the insoles and bounced back to you to make you go longer with less fatigue and less long-term discomfort.

Thorogood boots are built very well and still made in the United States. Among the main features: 100% leather, MAXwear polyurethane wedge, removable footbed, “Ultimate Shock Absorption” technology on the inside of the cushion, fiberglass stem, non-slip sole with MAXWear wedge. Quilted cotton lining. If you work hard and need a work boot designed to adapt to your lifestyle, but also a rather elegant look, Thorogood remains a great choice.

Thorogood workboots which models does SafetyShoesToday recommend?

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