The best safety footwear for lumberjacks


Are you by any chance a lumberjack, or you occasionally do wood cutting jobs? In this article we will talk about the best safety footwear for lumberjacks.

Each job has several characteristics and risks, and each worker should wear the safety shoes that are most suited to their profession, in order to be adequately protected.

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Are there specific types of safety footwear for lumberjacks? If the answer is yes, are you wearing them?

Let’s find out everything there is to know about this type of job, and about the models of safety footwear that are recommended to do it safely:

  1. work environments
  2. risks
  3. what are the recommended safety shoes for this sector?


The forestry sector is one of the most at risk of accidents, especially for lumberjacks whose tasks are felling trees, cutting away branches, hacking tree trunks to pieces and stacking lumber.

The risks of this activity derive in the first place from the necessary use of dangerous equipment like chainsaws, but above all from the work environment: one can work in extreme weather conditions and on difficult terrain, often on steep slopes that become slippery because of foliage and frost, and full of natural obstacles. One can also come in contact with microorganisms, insects and other animals.

Also, in this job you often and repeatedly assume uncomfortable positions, you use tractors, chainsaws and lawn mowers, powered by fuel that is stored in cans, and needing regular lubrication with oil.

The criticality of the working environment is also due to the biological risks: insects, ticks, snakes and potential contact with a variety of animals are a typical hazard of this job, to which you must add the risk of electrocution, in the cases where the terrain is poorly insulated.

The presence of wood dusts, water and oil, combined with rain and frost always lead to the formation of muddy areas. The use of equipment also creates problems caused by the vibrations; also, the manual lifting of the loads is very frequent.


Here is a list of the risks for your feet, against which you must be protected using the best safety footwear for bomb disposal:

  • slipping on water, oils, mud, wood powder and foliage
  • ankle sprains, sustained while walking on branches
  • heavy objects falling on your toes or instep
  • chainsaw cuts

As you can see, there are different situations in which you run the risk of getting hurt. Working safely is both your right and your duty, so you must get yourself a good pair of safety shoes for your job, and choose knowingly the model that will protect you the best, but it must be also comfortable.

In this specific case, you must absolutely consider some footwear resistant to chainsaw cutting


The best safety shoes for lumberjacks, recommended by SafetyShoesToday are:

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As soon as you choose, among the many models, the pair that best suits your needs, you will work more safely

I assure you that, if you use the correct safety footwear, you will live a better working experience.

What do you think about safety shoes for lumberjacks?

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