The best safety footwear for petrol pump attendants


Are you a petrol pump attendant or otherwise work with fuel? In this article we will talk about the best safety footwear for petrol pump attendants.

Each job has several characteristics and risks, and each worker should wear the safety shoes that are most suited to their profession, in order to be adequately protected.

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Are there specific types of safety footwear for petrol pump attendants? And if so, are you wearing them?

Let’s find out everything there is to know about this type of job, and about the models of safety footwear that are recommended to do it safely:

  • work environments
  • risks
  • what are the recommended safety shoes for this sector?


Petrol pump attendants work in petrol pumps, whose facilities are used to distribute fuel to the end users. The tasks of a petrol pump attendant consist in supplying the plant, transferring fuel from the tanker to the containers, storing and delivering gasoline, diesel or LPG.

In addition to these duties, a petrol pump attendant takes care of several additional tasks, such as basic maintenance, auto shop, car washing, the sale of car products and, sometimes, there is also a bar service available.

A petrol pump attendant’s work environment is characterised by a circumscribed asphalted area covered by a platform roof, lighting columns, pumps for the supply, underground tanks and small boxes for the sale of products, as well as a car-washing area and, sometimes, a bar.

You work at close range with highly dangerous and flammable substances and on walking surfaces that are often wet, slippery and full of passing vehicles. Despite the platform roof, the atmospheric agents are not fully neutralized, either.

To check levels, one is forced to climb on the tanks and lift the covers, and for the refuelling you have to handle the dispensing tube so that it doesn’t interfere with the maneuvers, while you manage the queue of passing vehicles.


Here is a list of the risks for your feet, against which you must be protected using the best safety footwear for petrol pump attendants:

  • risk of fires and explosions: it’s rare, but has devastating effects
  • fuel getting inside your footwear, risking to come into contact with your feet
  • vehicles may crush your toes
  • slipping and falling

As you can see, there are different situations in which you run the risk of getting hurt. Working safely is both your right and your duty, so you must get yourself a good pair of safety shoes for your job, and choose knowingly the model that will protect you the best, but it must be also comfortable.

In this specific case, we recommend you choose some SD safety footwear with a high level of antistatic protection, therefore strongly reducing the risk of accumulating electrostatic charges.


The best SD safety shoes for petrol pump attendants, recommended by SafetyShoesToday are:

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As soon as you choose, among the many models, the pair that best suits your needs, you will work more safely

I assure you that, if you use the correct safety footwear, you will live a better working experience.

What do you think about safety shoes for petrol pump attendants?

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