Why is comfort so important for your feet?

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Why is comfort so important for your feet safetyshoestoday

Why is it important, the comfort of your feet? There are two main categories of foot injuries that can occur at work. The first category includes cut wounds, crushing, sprains and tears. The second category comprises injuries caused by falling or slipping. These do not always lead to foot injuries, but not paying attention to the safety of your feet surely increases the chances of it happening.Why is comfort so important for your feet safetyshoestoday

These two categories of foot injuries, however, don’t cover the whole range of feet-related risks that you run at your workplace. Other problems, such as calluses, ingrown toenails or simply tired and aching feet are common among workers. Although these cannot be considered actual injuries, they can have serious consequences on workers’ health and safety at the workplace.

Indeed, they cause annoyance, pain and weariness; the latter may also lead to further problems and actual injuries which may affect muscles and articulations. Moreover, a tired and aching worker is less focused, and is more likely not to work safely, which could lead to accidents of any kind.

What are the main causes of foot problems?

Some issues are so common they can basically occur in any workplace and in any circumstances.

Foot problems: common causes

Why is comfort so important for your feet?

Aching feet, blisters, calluses, rheumatism, arthritis, toe malformations, bursitis, sprains, corns and several other diseases. They can be caused from:

– too high heels

– pointy shoes

– discomfort

– safety footwear which is too large or too tight


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How can the type of job contribute to foot problems?

Numerous common foot accidents happen both at work and outside work; however, there is no doubt that some factors related to the characteristics of one’s working position influence the chances of foot injuries and problems, especially in jobs that require standing for hours. Since the human foot is actually made for moving, standing still for a long time is extremely fatiguing. Day after day, it can not only be tiring, but even lead to permanent damage. The straight position can cause misalignment of the joints in the feet and inflammation which can ultimately lead to rheumatism and arthritis.

How can the type of job contribute to foot problems?

The type of floor, for instance, has a great influence on comfort at the workplace, and especially on feet. Hard floors like concrete are the least comfortable surfaces on which one wants to work. Standing too long on a very hard floor can cause several problems. Besides, slippery floors are dangerous for the risk of slipping and falling, which can cause ankle sprains or broken bones.

How can I prevent foot injuries?

Why is comfort so important for your feet?

There is no workplace where there is no risk at all of foot injuries. Nevertheless, the risks vary according to the workplace and the kind of job being carried out. The first step in developing a strategy to reduce the chances of foot injuries is identifying the significant risks in one’s workplace. Such risks should be assessed in every workplace; indeed, foot injuries can be prevented by researching preventive measures through accurate safety footwear design and identification of the correct position of the feet.

Comfort in safety shoes

Why is comfort so important for your feet?

Ensuring a proper posture in the workplace alone will not be enough, if not combined with the purchase of good safety footwear.

Indeed, a high level of comfort can be guaranteed by minding the following factors:


o with insole: if the insole is thick enough, the shoe is comfortable;

o heel: shock-absorption is very important. The material of the midsole plays an essential role in protecting the heels;

toes: if the protective toecap is big enough and the lining is not too thick, the toes have sufficient room inside of it and the shoe is comfortable;

arch: an insole providing support to the arch can make a lot of difference;

ankles: properly placed lining can provide great comfort;


o tongue: a padded tongue is more comfortable;

o width: if the shoes are wide enough the feet will fit perfectly (but not too wide either, otherwise you’ll have the opposite effect: read the article about wide safety shoes);

avoiding sprains: they can be prevented with the right fastening system;

spine: your shoes must allow you to maintain the correct posture without causing damage to your spine;

bending: you should be able to bend easiliy without hurting your instep.


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Why is comfort so important for your feet: Conclusions

Different safety shoes have different ways of providing comfort, depending from your needs.

Once you get the safety footwear that provides the right comfort for you, you will be at ease and protected at work.

I guarantee that if you wear the right safety footwear working will become a better experience for you.

What do you think about comfort in safety footwear?

Why is comfort so important for your feet. Do you have any points to add?

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